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Industrial Flooring Rockin’ the Rockies!

The State of Colorado has plenty going for it – awesome natural beauty, unparalleled mountain sports, productive and lively urban centers.  And now, a new Florock Representive in Sari Ghiselli, the most recent to join the team. On board since August, Sari is already utilizing her experience as a successful entrepreneur and 10 year business […]

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The Future of Floor Coatings!

  When David Schmetterer, President of Florock, saw his facility in Chicago’s historic Stockyards neighborhood busting at the seams, he could hardly believe his eyes.  It was the “Great Recession” after all!  While floor coating competitors were floundering, Florock was indeed growing by leaps and bounds.  More space was needed – and fast! With no […]

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FloroCrete Floor Coatings Approved in Canada!

Vive la Canadienne!  With the Stanley Cup question finally settled, we can at last praise our friends to the north without fear of Black Hawk fan retribution. And no, you haven’t linked to the wrong blog – we are talking about flooring here! Thanks to the diligence of Aviva Lorens, Florock Marketing & Government Relations Manager, […]

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