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Food Safe Epoxy Flooring: What You Need to Know

Food safety is of primary importance throughout the farm-to-market-to-table process. Without continual vigilance, facilities risk an outbreak of pathogen growth at the facility and foodborne illness among consumers– the scenarios of managers’ nightmares. Processors and food manufacturers operate under strict protocols in order to maintain the safest environments possible, and the right cementitious urethane (urethane […]

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Advantages of Using Fast-Curing Resin Floor Systems

Whether it’s constructing a new facility or rehabbing an existing commercial building, almost all projects are under severe time constraints. Fast-turnaround resinous flooring is available to make life easier for many different industries. Food & Beverage Processing The coordination efforts and enormous organization that goes into food and beverage processing involves tight schedules and, oftentimes, […]

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Maintaining Your Epoxy Floors

Does your facility or industrial space have epoxy floor coatings? Are you aware of the proper care and maintenance procedures for your particular flooring system? Proper maintenance of epoxy floor systems is crucial. Here are just three reasons why you should not overlook proper maintenance of your floors: Appearance If your floor has a custom […]

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Best Flooring Systems for Commercial Kitchens

Floors in commercial kitchens undergo some of the harshest treatment.  When installed in commercial kitchens, flooring is exposed to thermal shock from high temperatures and damage from corrosive chemicals. Frequent washing, constant exposure to hot oil, grease and moisture make kitchen floors extremely vulnerable to degradation and cracks. How do you select the best flooring […]

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