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White Epoxy Floors: The Perfect Sanitary Look

White flooring can be a huge asset in a healthcare or cleanroom facility, where being able to quickly notice and remedy spills and other sanitation issues is of utmost importance. It is a preferred color for many other industries and settings, but can be difficult to achieve and maintain long term. Many white flooring systems […]

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Resin Flooring Contractors: How to Find One

Epoxy flooring and similar resinous flooring solutions are unique in that they are applied directly to a concrete substrate while in their liquid form. Some of the main advantages of this seamless technique are that it results in a stronger overall surface and is easier to thoroughly clean than flooring with breaks, gaps and grout […]

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Poured Epoxy Flooring: How It Works

How are Poured Epoxy Floors installed? Epoxy and other resinous floor coatings are installed as liquids. Poured epoxy flooring, also referred to as “self-leveling” epoxy flooring, is actually comprised of two or more components, such as a specially-formulated epoxy resin and a carefully measured amount of epoxy curing agent that get carefully blended at the […]

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The Cost of Epoxy Floor Coatings : How to Estimate Prices for Your Facility

Epoxy floor coatings can be a cost-efficient, durable solution for many facilities in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors. But exactly how much do epoxy floor coatings cost? The fact is, the price of these unique floor coverings can vary significantly from facility to facility and from system to system. Commercial Epoxy Flooring Cost per […]

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Polyaspartic Flooring vs. Epoxy

Two reliable flooring solutions for concrete floors in commercial, industrial and institutional facilities involve epoxy and urethane fluid-applied systems. A more recent contender is polyaspartic flooring, a distant cousin of polyurethane floor finishes that is rapidly growing in popularity. As a relatively new technology with unique properties, how does polyaspartic flooring compare and contrast with […]

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