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New FloroPoxy MVT-99 Primer from Florock® Polymer Flooring Offers Advanced Moisture Vapor Transmission Protection

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — Florock® Polymer Flooring, manufacturer of innovative concrete floor coating systems for industrial, commercial and institutional facilities, headquartered in Chicago since 1952, has launched FloroPoxy MVT-99, their next generation primer for protection against high levels of moisture vapor transmission (MVT). The cutting-edge epoxy formulation can withstand very high moisture vapor emission rates — up to 99% in-situ relative humidity per ASTM F2170 and/or up to 24 pounds per 1,000 square feet within 24 hours, per ASTM F1869 — even when installed on concrete that is less than 28 days old. A single coat primer, FloroPoxy MVT-99 can be applied at three different thicknesses to help mitigate a range of MVT emission rates. Easier to install than previous offerings, with greater overall performance and an equal or lower cost per square foot, FloroPoxy MVT-99 is a scientific advancement in MVT protection.

Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) is a phenomenon brought about by the presence of undesirably high levels of moisture underneath or within a concrete slab and can develop as a result of site conditions or other factors. Regardless of origin, when moisture levels are high, capillary action forces moisture vapor upward through the slab until it reaches the flooring system at the top. Here it condenses into an alkaline liquid that can accumulate, destroying the bond between the flooring and the concrete as well as damaging the floor material itself, whether comprised of wood, laminate, VCT/LVT, carpet or epoxy coatings. FloroPoxy MVT-99, when applied directly to a prepared concrete substrate under any of these traffic surfaces, can help prevent costly damage. Contractors who install almost any kind of floor covering can benefit from use of this exceptional MVT primer.

“Virtually every type of flooring is at risk for damage from Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT), which can develop in concrete slabs regardless of geographical location,” said Peter Kirton, Vice-President of Florock. “With the launch of FloroPoxy MVT-99 Primer, we’re able to offer our customers industry-leading protection against high rates of MVT that’s even more effective, economical and easier to install than ever before.”

New FloroPoxy MVT-99 Primer offers outstanding, value-based protection and peace-of-mind. Flooring contractors and facility owners alike can relax, knowing their Florock High Performance Floor is safeguarded by a state-of-the-art MVT solution.

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Cross section demonstration of in situ RH testing in a concrete slab.