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Epoxy Floor Colors for Commercial and Industrial Facilities

A pop of custom yellow flooring, installed by Florock UK, brightens up this industrial space.

One of the key benefits of using epoxy flooring in your facility is the incredible color selection managers can choose from, depending on their project’s specific needs. Epoxy systems are available in many different colors and textures, depending on the flooring type and the decorative elements used. The appearance can range from solid colored epoxy surfaces to patterned floors incorporating metallic powders or multicolored chip blends. The ability to customize color, along with the many other options offered, can give you an epoxy floor coating solution that’s as visually appealing and complementary to the surrounding architecture as it is durable.

Epoxy Floor Colors for Branding

Concrete floor coatings provide an excellent opportunity to emphasize organizational branding with the use of color selection and combinations. For example, installing epoxy flooring and other resinous finishes in custom colors that reflect your company’s colors in accordance with your official brand guidelines can help provide visitors and employees with a sense of place as soon as they enter the building. Occupants essentially become immersed in branding experience you provide.

The versatility of epoxy also allows facilities to install resinous flooring that incorporates embedded graphics and logos, making the floor even more uniquely yours. Whether you require a floor logo in your office entryway, team logos and designs in a school gymnasium or stadium, or a welcoming branded message to receive guests in your manufacturing facility, there’s no end to the creative possibilities epoxy floor colors, textures and designs can offer.

Safety Markings, Paths, and More

In addition to lending a unique and aesthetically pleasing look to your flooring, you can utilize epoxy floor colors to help improve safety in your facility. With the right selection of colors and patterns, your flooring can assist in direct the flow of traffic, designate safe or restricted areas, and create distinct work areas and pathways within the building. High-quality epoxy and other resinous materials can help protect and maximize your floor’s durability and functionality. Adding custom colors in the form of safety markings, striping, and similar applications can serve as helpful reminders to pedestrians and forklift drivers to remain aware of their surroundings and to adhere to indoor traffic safety regulations.

Epoxy Floor Colors and Texture Options for Every Application

Reflective blue Florock flooring, installed by Gurbitec of Mexico, brightens the workplace and helps improves visibility.

Regardless of the application, Florock has a wide selection of epoxy floor colors available. Whether you’re looking for a solid color or a finish that adds gradience and subtlety to your floor’s appearance, our collection of standard and custom colors and blends lends itself to an incredible array of options to help realize virtually every design vision.

Solid Colors

If a single solid color or a combination of several solids is what you’re looking for in an epoxy flooring solution, Florock offers an array of color options including:

  • Standard Blue
  • Safety Yellow
  • Bright Red
  • Green
  • Black
  • White
  • Sand Beige
  • Assembly Blue
  • Tile Red
  • Standard Grey
  • White Knight Grey
  • Smoke Blue
  • Light Grey

Textures and Metallic Options

Commercial and institutional facilities frequently prefer other types of epoxy floor colors that introduce subtlety, depth and surface texture to help enhance the surrounding decor or use of space. For these floors, we offer a variety of selections featuring different looks from our FloroChip, FloroMica, FloroQuartz, FloroTallic, and FloroCrete selections.

Depending on the design and layout of a given room, you might want to install resinous flooring with a macro blend of colored chips made up for various shades within the same color family. These blends can also be combined with different chip sizes, depending on taste. Other applications lend themselves beautifully to the natural reflectivity of mica flakes encapsulated in our clear epoxy resin. Also available are the range of colored quartz blends in our FloroQuartz line, while our FloroTallic epoxy floor systems provide the organic look of “stained concrete” in a high performance finish. FloroCrete urethane mortar offers heavy duty solids, along with hybrid blended designs build to perform.

Why Choose Florock’s Epoxy Floor Colors?

In addition to offering an impressive of epoxy colors, blends and design options, Florock brings decades of experience in the development, manufacture and installation of resinous flooring solutions to every application. Our professional grade epoxy and other resinous flooring products help ensure you get the best possible results with every installation. Whether you’re looking flooring that features embedded branding and logos or want to refresh the slip-resistance and safety in your pedestrian lanes, our colors and blends can get you there. We can help you design the perfect epoxy flooring solution to meet your specifications.

Contact us today to learn more about getting started with the epoxy flooring, colors, textures and designs that are just right for your unique facility. Our online resources and local experts can help you select the right floor coating solution for your needs and your budget.