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Wear and Tear of Industrial Floors Explained

One of the most frequently asked questions by facility managers and owners is, “how long will my new industrial flooring last?” Because there are so many varieties of epoxy floor coatings and other industrial flooring systems designed to accommodate such a broad spectrum of facilities and operational activities, there is no single answer to that […]

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Why Acid Etching Is No Longer Recommended as a Concrete Prep Method

The longevity of a coating partly depends on how well it adheres to the surface of the concrete. The best adhesion requires a clean floor, free of laitance and contaminants. Laitance is a weak, milky accumulation of fine particles of cement dust, lime and sand fines on the surface of fresh concrete, usually caused by […]

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How Soon Can You Epoxy Coat Freshly Poured “Green” Concrete?

In floor coating industry jargon, the term “green concrete” refers to a freshly poured and placed concrete mix that has begun to set, but which has not yet fully cured. Standard specifications recommend a minimum 28 day cure period for “green concrete”, before an epoxy floor coating or other resinous system can be applied.  However, […]

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What Are Secondary Containment Coatings?

Within an industrial facility, the system of containing leaks and spills from any chemical storage tanks or vessels is called “secondary containment”. The main goal of having a backup – or secondary – system is to properly isolate potentially dangerous chemical or petroleum spills until they can be cleaned up and correctly disposed of or […]

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Which Floors Should Not Be Epoxy Coated?

The majority of commercial, industrial and institutional floor substrates can be very successfully coated with decorative epoxy or another type of seamless high performance flooring system. However, there are some surfaces that are less suited. Wondering if these flooring systems will work for your particular space? Prior to meeting with a flooring installer, read our […]

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