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Concrete Floor Marking and Striping 101

Depending on your industry, concrete floor marking and striping can be a critical matter in facility planning. The markings may delineate specific production areas, traffic aisles, walkways, and/or hazardous zones for the protection of employees or visitors. The markings may also be used to help increase efficiency of movement within the facility. OSHA requires specific floor markings be placed to help reduce the risk of employee injury. In addition, for some operations, the agency mandates that industry-specific concrete floor striping, symbols and cautionary messages be installed.

While various striping and marking products are available for concrete, many of these materials, such as tapes or other adhesive-backed products, are only effective for a limited time, particularly if installed in a high-traffic zone of the facility. These concrete marking tapes and stickers can be good short-term solutions, as the products can often be removed relatively cleanly after a week or two. However, it is advised that facility managers select a more durable product when planning more permanent flooring installations or refurbishment. Facilities with existing degraded floor striping can refresh or replace the markings with a more durable option better suited to perform over the long term.

Floor markings installed with specialized high performance coatings offer a much longer usable life and better life cycle value. These specially-formulated coatings are available in standard and custom colors to meet all OSHA floor marking standards and have the added advantage of being able to withstand exposure to harsh chemicals, heavy traffic, power washing, and the regular use of industrial cleaning fluids.

OSHA Floor Marking Guidelines

The OSHA floor marking guidelines are a color-coded system, which assigns specific colors to alert employees or visitors to specific health or safety risks within the facility. For example, the OSHA fire extinguisher marking standards requires red markings to identify fire-related hazards and zones where flammable liquids pose a potential danger. Similarly, yellow concrete floor striping is mandated in any location where employees or visitors need to be warned about possible physical dangers, such as tripping, stumbling, falling between or against item(s), and the like.

concrete marking on floor

Outstanding color scheme and work station delineation created by Florock UK of Great Britain.

When planning a fluid-applied flooring system over new concrete or when proposing to refurbish an existing concrete slab surface, the installation of the required floor marking and striping is a critical component of the process. By utilizing high performance coatings, properly selected to withstand specific facility conditions, the safety markings can function as intended over the long-haul, demonstrating excellent durability without the need for frequent recoating or replacing.

Designing a new floor striping layout requires careful planning in order to derive maximum benefits in both safety and workflow. Florock’s team of local experts are available to assist you in product selection, planning and installation of your floor marking system, whether creating the original design for a freshly poured slab or refreshing an older system in accordance with an existing blueprint. Proper preparation of the concrete surface prior installation is one of the most important steps in helping ensure long term durability of clearly marked pedestrian routes, forklift aisles, pallet placement locations, interior parking spaces, or restricted areas. Our team’s experience and professional approach to OSHA compliant floor striping as well as facility-wide industrial flooring systems are at your service.

yellow striping on concrete floor

Safety walkway in car dealership skillfully installed by Industrial Concrete Services of ME.


To help streamline your process, please connect with us as you begin the planning of your facility floor coating, striping and marking systems. A local Florock industrial and commercial flooring specialist can assist you in selecting optimal coating systems, in accordance with your site conditions, performance requirements, expectations, and budget.


Every facility has unique needs, and our skilled team can help. Our broad selection of cutting-edge Florock striping and marking products, combined with our extensive hands-on experience and dedication to customer satisfaction, delivers outstanding industrial, commercial and institutional concrete flooring value– including OSHA-compliant marking and striping that performs over the long term.