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Florock® Flooring Launches New FloroEster Line of Vinyl Ester Coatings

FloroEster Secondary Containment System in Gray

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — Florock® Polymer Flooring, Chicago-based manufacturer of concrete floor coating systems for industrial, commercial and institutional facilities, has launched its newest family of high performance products, the FloroEster line of vinyl ester secondary containment coatings. Designed for use in some of the toughest environments, FloroEster provides outstanding protection from high concentration substance attack in locations such as chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, textile manufacturing, metal finishing shops, waste treatment and power generation plants. The state-of-the-art line includes FloroEster U Primer, a vinyl ester based, low viscosity penetrating first coat that demonstrates excellent adhesion to properly prepared concrete and metal substrates, while exhibiting exceptional resistance to rust and undercutting; FloroEster VE Mid/Topcoat, a multi-component, high solids vinyl ester based secondary containment topping/lining; and FloroEster NVE Mid/Topcoat, a multi-component high solids, novolac and vinyl ester based secondary containment topping/lining. All offer cutting-edge defense against a broad range of acidic and caustic solutions and may be used as stand-alone coating systems in Clear, Gray or Red. They may also be installed with the addition of silica sand or decorative colored quartz aggregate.

As part of their ongoing professional education, Florock’s experienced technical team members will be armed with additional training and tools, enabling them to properly advise customers as to whether a FloroEster coating system or another high performance Florock product would be ideally suited for a given application. It’s all part of the company commitment to being an industry leader in resinous coatings technology and expertise.

Celebrating its 65th year of business in 2017, Florock is excited to be offering the new systems to its factory-approved installers, some of whom work almost exclusively in heavy duty manufacturing facilities. “The new vinyl ester secondary containment coatings help round out the line, especially for our industrial customers,” says Byron Smith, President of the Florock. “With FloroEster added to our already broad selection of concrete flooring systems, we can now be a one-stop shop for our contractors and provide even better coatings solutions than ever before.”