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Our Favorite Epoxy Floor Designs

Epoxy floor coatings are used in a variety of commercial and industrial settings due to their high performance and functional characteristics: strength, durability, ease of cleaning, impermeability, chemical resistance, static dissipative qualities, and more. However, choosing exceptional functionality doesn’t have to mean a sacrifice of aesthetics; at Florock, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, durable floor coatings that can stand up to industrial wear-and-tear without maintaining exciting visual appeal. Here are some of our favorite design options for our epoxy floor coatings.

A graphic of agave plants was skillfully embedded in epoxy in this office floor design by FloorCare USA of WI.

Metallic Coatings that Shine

Polished and stained concrete are in trend. The smooth, shiny surface can impart an air of modern simplicity or chic elegance, and the look is right at home in a restaurant, pub, or business setting. Despite the sometimes tempting design, however, stained and polished concrete can frequently fall short in settings that experience heavy traffic – even facilities with light to moderate use are often dismayed by how quickly the appearance of stained concrete can deteriorates. Foot traffic alone can quickly wear away at the surface, creating dull patches, where spilled liquids can easily lead to blotchy stains that are all but impossible to remove. And depending on the surface, polished concrete frequently requires regular maintenance to maintain a shiny appearance.

For the aesthetics of stained or polished concrete with all the functional durability of a high performance resinous or epoxy floor coating, try our Florotallic metallic floor coatings.

Multi-Color Designs

Love the possibilities of tile flooring, but hate the grout lines? Epoxy floor coatings of different colors can easily be installed in geometric patterns associated with tile floors, all while retaining that smooth, virtually seam-free surface that is so easy to clean and maintain. Beyond geometric patterns, epoxy floor coatings can also be installed in accordance with more organic, natural designs for a looser, more flowing aesthetic.

In addition to different solidly colored floor coatings, colored chips or flakes can be used to create texture and depth. Contrasting colors of flakes in the same area can create a dynamic appearance, while blends of similar colors create subtler looks for soothing interior vistas inspired by nature. Blends of smaller flakes in select colors may be used to mimic the appearance of mined quartz or granite.

Embedded Graphics and Logos

This well designed Florock hospital floor, installed by Garcia Smester of the Dominican Republic, directs patients through the facility.

A particularly popular option for sports facilities and educational institutions, logos and mascot emblems can be installed into the floor itself by a skilled flooring contractor using embedded decals, hand-painted designs or different colored aggregates, with or without metal divider strips. Unlike adhesive surface graphics, these images do not wear or fade. Even helpful wayfinding designs can become unique works of art to be enjoyed by visitors as they navigate their way more easily through the facility. A bold company logo installed in the floor at the entrance to your facility can create a positive first impression.


Outstanding Performance

At Florock, creating beautiful, elegant, and boldly designed flooring systems is only part of what we do. Above all else, we value performance, which is why our floor coatings can be installed to help mitigate moisture vapor, provide waterproofing or static control, provide customized slip resistance, and keep cleaning easy and inexpensive. Outstanding durability and performance is expected in all the flooring systems we produce. Our tight network of professional technicians helps ensure that your Florock floor meets your expectations and provides optimal lifecycle value.