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Top Commercial Flooring Trends for 2017

Epoxy and other resinous floor coatings are often favored for their durability, strength, easy maintenance, and other functional factors. But when replacing flooring in a given facility, function isn’t the only point to consider; the right flooring system should contribute aesthetically as well, particularly when in an area frequented by guests, visitors, customers or clients. Commercial, industrial and institutional flooring tends to follow overarching interior design trends as the various looks surge in popularity, from conservative and classic to cutting edge and quirky. This year, interiors that bring the beauty of the natural environment indoors are trending strongly, with three main types of flooring topping the charts.

1. Back to Nature with Wood Tones

The elegant look of hardwood is hardly a new idea; it’s a true flooring classic that has been popular for centuries. But what is new in 2017 is the ability to incorporate natural wood tones into a space using modern flooring materials. While the popularity of hardwood’s aesthetic is enduring, actual hardwood floors can be expensive to install, difficult to maintain, and vulnerable to wear and tear. That’s why more and more commercial designers are choosing imitation wood flooring made of various synthetics. Among these, epoxy flooring stands out for its exceptional benefits and lifecycle value.

FloroTallic Wood Grain Logo Installation

FloroTallic installed with a beautiful wood grain look and facility logo, by Floorcare USA of WI.

In their early days, imitation wood floor systems were all too often made of cheap materials and looked it—their unappealing repeating patterns were immediately detectable as fakes. However, advances in manufacturing and installation techniques now enable designers to employ unconventional materials to achieve the organic effect their clients crave. The natural beauty of wood flooring is as popular as ever in 2017, and this trend won’t disappear any time soon. Alternative materials, such as metallic epoxy flooring in warm natural wood tones, can be installed to mimic non-repeating wood grain, furnishing the desired ambience at lower cost, with easier maintenance and better long-term performance.

 2. The Organic Look of Metallic Faux Stain Epoxy

Acid stained and polished concrete floors create reflective surfaces that are often favored for their initial appearance, but which can have serious functional drawbacks for commercial, industrial and institutional locations over time. These floors tend to be porous, require regular professional upkeep, are only slightly stronger than an untreated concrete surface, and depending on their finish and age, can be slippery enough to pose a fall hazard. Metallic epoxy flooring systems like Florotallic offer the visual appeal of stained or polished concrete in an impervious, easy-to-maintain traffic surface. In addition to beautiful aesthetics, metallic epoxy floors can be installed over high strength basecoats and provide customizable slip resistance for safety.

      3. Natural Mica Mineral Epoxy

FloroMica Flake Flooring Installation

FloroMica natural mica mineral flake flooring offers contractor-friendly installation in achieving an elegant granite look.

Mica flake epoxy flooring systems are a cost-effective way to achieve the nuanced, textured look of a luxury granite floor. Natural mica mineral flakes with subtle variation in earthy color, tone, and size are distributed evenly using high performance epoxy. The result is a rich organic appearance possessing incredible visual depth. FloroMica is more contractor-friendly and efficient to install than other options on the market, providing a budget-friendly, low-maintenance alternative with the striking appearance of granite.

Flooring Trends in Retail, Restaurants, and More

Different types of commercial facilities experience different trends in design. When planning renovations and upgrades, designers select wall colors, fixtures, furniture, and especially flooring, to create and enhance interior decoration. Floors can be an economical way to visually unify or segregate various areas within the building, contributing greatly to the overall theme.

Currently, one of the most popular flooring trends in restaurants is the use of pastel colors and greens, whether it’s in the walls, table decor, or flooring. The incorporation of recycled elements is also on the rise, both from a design standpoint and due to the fact that many companies now mandate the use of sustainable materials. Attractive and durable resinous flooring with recycled glass content is ideal for use in retail facilities and restaurants, and can help promote the business’ eco-friendliness.

In certain retail facilities, advanced digital graphics are also popular for flooring. Businesses can incorporate custom logos and other designs into epoxy and resinous flooring that won’t fade over time. These unique additions can leave a lasting impression on customers and support branding efforts.

Stay Up-to-Date with Flooring Trends

Florock manufactures a wide range of high-performance resinous flooring systems, including a nearly unlimited collection of standard and custom decorative floor coatings that provides facilities with the aesthetics they need to realize their design vision. Whether the look is ultra-modern and futuristic or natural and organic, with our broad spectrum of creative epoxy floor coating systems, beautiful, trend-forward design can be economically and beautifully achieved.