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Florock® Flooring Launches New FloroSurface Underlayment Line

FloroSurface Underlay is very flowable, easy to handle, and contractor-friendly.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — Florock® Polymer Flooring, Chicago-based manufacturer of high performance commercial, industrial and institutional concrete floor coating systems, has launched its newest family of products, the FloroSurface line of underlayments, offering economical smoothening of uneven, deteriorated concrete substrates, as is required prior to installation of many general service floor coverings. Compatible for use under Florock’s resinous coatings, the underlayment system is also ideal under a variety of other flooring materials, including tile, wood and carpet. The innovative line includes FloroSurface Patch, a convenient, quick-curing repair mortar for deep cracks and divots; FloroSurface Primer, a specially formulated first coat to help ensure tenacious bond to the existing slab; and FloroSurface Underlay, a flowable cementitious polymer underlayment that makes fast work of concrete surface refurbishment and leveling.

Celebrating its 65th year in business in 2017, Florock’s experienced technical team designed FloroSurface to be extremely contractor-friendly, with very easy handling. The line offers specialty resinous installers a low cost, fast-curing option for use in conjunction with Florock’s high performance coatings and toppings, as well as on those occasions when alternative floor coverings are being installed. Due to its broad application, FloroSurface introduces the Florock brand for the first time to contractors specializing in other types of flooring.

Customers can now avail themselves of the manufacturer’s expertise as to whether general service FloroSurface or one of Florock’s heavy duty resinous flooring resurfacers would be more appropriate for a project, given specific site conditions and end user operations. For example, floors exposed to very heavy loads or impact may benefit from a higher strength option, such as Florock FloroBuild Epoxy-Graded Aggregate System or FloroCrete HD Heavy Duty Cementitious Urethane, while various light to moderate traffic situations may be optimally served by FloroSurface to smoothen the floor, followed by a moderate duty topping.

Said Byron Smith, President of Florock, “FloroSurface came into existence at the request our contractor-customers, who asked for an easy-to-handle, general use underlayment that would be compatible with a range of toppings, whether they were installing Florock resinous flooring that day or another type of material.” Thanks to the new FloroSurface line, Florock can now offer a broader set of concrete flooring solutions to a greater number of contractors in more facilities than ever before.

Experienced Florock professionals are available throughout the Americas, the United Kingdom, and other locations around the globe. Call 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625) or +1-773-376-7132 to connect with an expert near you.

FloroSurface offers an economic underlayment option for use with many different types of flooring.