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Flooring Trend: Epoxy Flooring with Flakes

With an epoxy flooring system, facility managers and designers need not choose between functional features and aesthetic appeal. Epoxy floors are favored in a wide variety of commercial, institutional and industrial settings for their durability, scratch resistance, and seamless, easy-to-clean surfaces. Because these systems are installed as liquids that cure into a virtually seamless, monolithic surface, the grout lines associated with tile floors and the gaps seen in panel floor systems are avoided – as are the tiny crevices in which debris and microbes love to gather, and which are almost impossible to clean effectively. Well-selected and professionally installed epoxy flooring can accommodate and correct sloping and uneven concrete, impart additional strength and help protect the integrity of the concrete slab.

FloroChip epoxy flake flooring skillfully installed in an animal hospital by Hardig of OH.


One common misperception about epoxy flooring systems is that they have limited aesthetic options. However, today’s professional grade product lines include countless innovations in design and application techniques, with formulations proprietary to each manufacturer. Epoxy floors are now available in a wide variety of trend-forward styles, and can even be made to imitate other, more expensive and less durable flooring options.

Achieving the Desired Look with Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy and other resinous, fluid-applied flooring systems are available in a broad spectrum of standard and custom colors, and can even be installed in segments of different colors to visually divide a space or create an attractive or functional pattern. Epoxy is also an excellent medium for installing a company logo, text, or other graphic directly into the floor itself.

In recent years, one standout design trend has been the use of colored flakes in combination with clear and/or colored epoxy to create a more visually-textured, variegated appearance, rather than the monochromatic look of a single, solid color.

A New Trend: Flake Flooring

Decorative flakes can be used to achieve a variety of desired appearances in an epoxy flooring system. Because the selected multicolored flakes are incorporated randomly into the resin system while it is still in liquid form, these floors are one of kind creations that avoid the repetitive patterns of tile or linoleum floors, including those that try to imitate a natural, organic appearance. Flakes can be synthetic or comprised of natural mica mineral and are available in different sizes for either a coarser or finer appearance, as well as in a variety of colors and blends.

FloroMica natural mica mineral flake flooring in Gold Glimmer expertly installed by FloorCareUSA of WI.


Capable of ranging in appearance from urbanely elegant to pop-culture bright, epoxy flooring with decorative flakes offers designers and managers the opportunity to get durable, highly customized flooring that’s budget friendly. A special feature of these systems is its ability to imitate the appearance of other, more traditional types of floor coverings. Epoxy-vinyl flake flooring can often be mistaken for the mosaic-like surface of terrazzo, which is far more expensive to install and care for. Similarly, epoxy-mica flake finishes allow facilities to enjoy the look of natural granite flooring at a fraction of the installation cost, and with worry-free maintenance.

Epoxy Flakes Flooring that Lasts and Looks Good

When you opt for Florock’s professionally-installed, commercial-grade epoxy flooring system with decorative flakes, you opt for incredible value. More than just a highly attractive finish, you’ve selected an easy to clean, impressively durable, high performance flooring system with one of the lowest life cycle costs on the market. Who says beautiful has to be expensive?

Learn more about how Florock Flooring can improve the appearance of your commercial or institutional setting, while effectively weathering the wear and tear of daily use: Contact a Florock professional today.