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White Epoxy Floors: The Perfect Sanitary Look

White flooring can be a huge asset in a healthcare or cleanroom facility, where being able to quickly notice and remedy spills and other sanitation issues is of utmost importance. It is a preferred color for many other industries and settings, but can be difficult to achieve and maintain long term. Many white flooring systems are initially possessing the desired bright white hue, only to yellow and fade over time. Until recently, epoxy floors were no exception. Now, Florock offers special non-yellowing formulations to combine the advantages of white flooring with the durability and strength of high performance flooring systems.

White, light reflective flooring is standard in aviation hangars.

White, light reflective flooring is standard in aviation hangars.

The Advantages of White Floor Epoxy

Many commercial, industrial and institutional settings, including schools and retail locations, can benefit from installing a white flooring system, with one of the key reasons being reflectivity. Because white and near-white floors reflect such a high degree of light, the floor can help illuminate the room, reducing the need for additional lighting fixtures and assisting in reducing energy consumption and cost. In environments such as television studios, white flooring in either a matte or gloss sheen can serve the dual purpose of reflecting light and providing a neutral, non-distracting background for a variety of filming projects.


Bright white flooring supports stringent facility hygiene protocols.

Corridor interior inside a modern hospital, clean and tidy


Why Choose White Epoxy Flooring?

Airline hangars favor very light gray or white epoxy flooring as the industry standard, for better illumination as well as compliance with strict safety protocols. A white floor makes it easy to see any spills or dropped items before they can cause problems, and also provides a high-contrast background for color-coded safety markings and work area designations. Mechanics appreciate white epoxy flooring, because it heightens overall visibility when working on complex, intricate machinery. In healthcare and cleanroom settings, white epoxy floors are a practical solution, contributing to a clean, sanitary-looking environment that underscores the need for hygienic compliance by employees and visitors alike.

Why White Epoxy Floor Coatings Are an Industry Standard

Epoxy, urethane, and other resinous flooring systems are favored in a variety of commercial and industrial settings thanks to their seamless nature. They are easier to clean, with virtually no breaches in their surfaces for dust and debris to collect and for microorganisms to flourish. Well-selected epoxy floors are also very durable, able to withstand both consistently heavy loads and areas of high impact. They can also be specially formulated to withstand harsh chemicals, endure extreme temperature swings, discourage microbial growth, and provide a range of benefits such as slip resistance, waterproofing, and electrostatic dissipation.

Your Options for White Epoxy Floors that Last

Historically, solid flooring systems that are white or light gray have had the unfortunate downside of yellowing or becoming amber over time. The bright white surface originally installed begins to lose its dazzling clean appearance after a few months or years of continual use. Today, some manufacturers product high quality white epoxy floors using cyclo-aliphatic resins, uniquely formulated to retain their original color much more effectively than ever before.

In general, when shopping for a white or light gray epoxy flooring system, a compromise exists between the cure time and level of color retention: the slower the cure time, the better the floor will retain its original color, while the faster it cures, the more it will likely amber. Some of the options we offer include:

  • FloroPoxy 4805: Standard cure epoxy, near water-clear finish, one of the best in the industry for maintaining original color over time
  • FloroPoxy 4900: Faster cure, still very good color retention
  • High Performance Topcoats: A selection of two- and three-component, aliphatic, chemical resistant urethanes (CRU) in a variety of sheens, provide ideal color-retaining finishes

For a white epoxy floor tailored to meet your needs, contact us at Florock today.