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Resin Flooring Contractors: How to Find One

Epoxy flooring and similar resinous flooring solutions are unique in that they are applied directly to a concrete substrate while in their liquid form. Some of the main advantages of this seamless technique are that it results in a stronger overall surface and is easier to thoroughly clean than flooring with breaks, gaps and grout lines. With these benefits also come potential complications: an inexperienced contractor unfamiliar with the particular specifications of resin flooring could make small mistakes with large consequences.

Skilled professional installers from Epoxy, Inc. of FL at work.

Skilled professional installers from Epoxy, Inc. of FL at work.

The Importance of Experience

Resinous flooring systems are unique in their application requirements, with different formulas requiring different installation conditions and handling to be effective and safe. In addition, selection of an inappropriate resinous system in an area subjected to extreme or fluctuating temperatures, heavy loads, abrasive chemicals, or high levels of traffic could be negatively impacted and fail to last as long as expected.

Careful cutting-in and attention to detail is imperative.

Careful cutting-in and attention to detail is imperative.

An important element that an inexperienced contractor could fail to take into account is the substrate onto which the resinous flooring is to be applied. The concrete surface below the epoxy or other resinous flooring must meet certain requirements in order for the floor to look and perform as designed. Levels of moisture and moisture vapor must be measured and addressed, the age of the concrete must be taken into consideration, and it should also be assessed for a variety of contaminants. Depending on its current state, the slab surface must be properly prepared prior to the application of the resin flooring system. A well trained and highly skilled resin flooring contractor can rely on his or her wealth of experience and knowledge to correctly implement mechanical concrete preparation methods as the basis for a floor that is both long-lasting and high in quality.

Going Straight to the Source with Manufacturer Recommendations

One tried and true method for finding a competent, experienced contractor to install your facility flooring system is by consulting with the manufacturer or factory that produces the resin. In some cases, the most beneficial outcome can be achieved by having both a representative from the manufacturer and the contractor hired to perform the installation come to inspect the area together and perform their respective evaluations. These types of collaborations often produce the best results by ensuring everyone is on the same page and all critical factors are taken into consideration.

Even if this type of consultation is not practical or necessary, manufacturers can often connect facility owners with a local factory-approved contractor with whom they’ve partnered in the past, ensuring an installer that is familiar with and schooled in the use of the selected flooring materials.

Asking the Right Questions

There are countless variations and unique formulations of epoxy flooring and other liquid-installed resinous flooring systems. Once you’ve established the type of flooring that will be best for your project, ask any potential contractors about their experiences with that particular flooring type. Be prepared to discuss any special considerations for the flooring installation, including conditions such as extreme temperatures, the history of the substrate surface, and the variety of important requirements you have for your facility floor.contact-florock-cta


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