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Commercial Garage Floor Coating

The flooring systems used by auto mechanics and commercial garages are exposed to a unique combination of stressful conditions on a daily basis. This is why commercial grade epoxy floor coatings are the go-to flooring systems for vehicle repair facilities throughout the world. An epoxy floor coating or similar resinous coating provides the sturdy protection a maintenance garage needs, while also offering a wide array of aesthetic options that are as attractive as they are functional.

Green and yellow Stripes - "Clean, crisp Florock safety markings by CIC of GA.

Green and yellow Stripes – “Clean, crisp Florock safety markings by CIC of GA.

Protection Options

Fluid-applied epoxy floor coatings have the advantage of being virtually seamless. This is particularly important in a garage setting, where any breaks in the surface of the floor can allow corrosive chemicals, vehicular fluids and other hazardous materials to leech into the underlying concrete slabs, and eventually into the soil underneath, creating environmental issues that can to be very costly to resolve. The seamless aspect also allows for easy cleaning and minimal maintenance, while aggregate-filled commercial garage floor coatings help distribute impact and weight across the floor, providing improved strength and durability.

A variety of formulary and design options allow designers and building owners to select the highest performance value for each unique commercial garage facility, including:


  • Extra Heavy Duty. Ideal for truck and trailer, as well as machinery maintenance facilities, where presence of high traffic levels, heavy loads, dragged metal parts and the like present the constant risk of damage and abrasion. An extra heavy duty epoxy flooring system, typically in the form of a quarter-inch thick epoxy mortar application, with optional steel aggregate content, can help protect the concrete slab from the worst kinds of abuse year after year.
  • Puncture Resistance. In commercial garages, sharp tools and dropped implements are the norm, demanding a floor that can withstand impact and help prevent the concrete from puncture damage. Aggregate filled epoxy broadcast systems are a good choice, while quarter-inch epoxy mortar floors provide optimal long-term protection.
  • Extreme Chemical Resistance. The beating a commercial garage floor takes isn’t limited to physical force and impact – these settings are also regularly exposed to potent corrosives and harsh solvents. A specially formulated epoxy flooring system, including a high performance chemical resistant urethane topcoat, is designed to stand up to these chemicals.
  • Thermal Shock Resistance. For commercial garages that steam-clean engines and machine parts, as well as their floors, the sudden change in temperature when very hot water or cleaning solution is directed at a cold concrete slab can cause some standard flooring systems to pop or delaminate. Uniquely engineered thermal shock resistant resinous flooring is designed to perform and maintain its tenacious bond under these extreme conditions.
Florock used to create a fun, retro floor design in this Rhode Island dealership garage.

Florock used to create a fun, retro floor design in this Rhode Island dealership garage.

Choosing a Commercial Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Design

Whether a commercial garage floor coating is to be seen by prospective customers or used only by employees, there are a few factors to consider when selecting a color and design for the system:

  • If the space receiving new flooring is customer accessed, such as a service write up area or car dealership showroom, resinous fluid-applied flooring can be an ideal solution. Epoxy floor coatings are available in a variety of multicolored chip, flake and metallic blends as well as solid colors, which can be used alone or incorporated into an artistic floor design using varying finishes. Company branding and dealership logos can even be embedded directly into the flooring system for extra visual impact.
  • Slip and fall accidents are a primary concern of all facilities, especially those with fluid and oil spill hazards, such as commercial garages. Slip-inhibiting epoxy floor surfaces can help minimize fall events. Another benefit of resinous coatings is the ability to create color-coded walkways, safety and hazard markings on the floor to help direct employees and visitors. In some cases, warnings and color changes may even be required by OSHA or other regulatory entities.
  • Practicality and Savings. When well-selected, the color and pattern of a floor can impact the practical use of the facility, saving both time and money. In commercial vehicle maintenance garages, small fasteners and tools get dropped on the floor throughout the day. A solid, lighter colored floor surface can enable workers to find such items quickly, saving time. Additionally, when a glossy floor coating is installed, the reflective finish provides better visibility underneath raised vehicles on lifts. Finally, light reflective floors can improve room illumination, reducing the need for additional light fixtures, resulting in lower electrical bills.

The myriad benefits listed above are just a few of the reasons commercial garage epoxy systems are the flooring of choice for so many informed owners and managers. Consult with one of our local technical professionals to discover the optimal value-based solution for your facility floor.