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Clear Epoxy Resin Flooring: What You Need to Know

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When researching different types of resinous flooring solutions, a popular option to consider is clear epoxy resin floor coatings. Clear epoxy resin flooring is comprised of 100% solids epoxy, with no solvent content. For that reason, they are zero V.O.C. and have low emissions, making them an ideal choice for use in facilities that are occupied during the installation process.

Florock’s Clear Epoxy Resin Flooring Options

Some flooring manufacturers only offer one or two types of epoxy flooring. In contrast, Florock strives to accommodate the needs of a broader range of customers by providing a wider variety of high-quality clear coatings. Some Florock clear epoxy resin flooring options have a lower viscosity, which makes them useful as primers, as they can effectively penetrate the pores of the concrete. Some clears make excellent primers or base/midcoats, but for a number of reasons (differing levels of durability, for instance), are not suitable as topcoats. In a similar vein, some clear epoxy resin coatings are great for use as midcoats or topcoats, but require a different epoxy primer for optimal performance.

Customization Options for Clear Floor Resin

Customization is the name of the game in resinous flooring and contributes greatly to its growing popularity. Clear floor finishes are only one of many options and nearly unlimited variations are available. One popular example is the field-tinting of clear epoxy with compatible colorants from the same product line.

Stunning, trend-forward floor designs can be created by incorporating a choice of Florock’s decorative elements, including:

Additionally, a selection of other neutral-colored aggregates and blends can be used with clear epoxy resin flooring to provide other functional characteristics, such as slip resistance, additional abrasion resistance, and more.

Benefits of Clear Floor Resin

Concrete flooring coated with clear epoxy resin offers a variety of benefits. Depending on the type of epoxy (Bisphenol A or Bisphenol F), cure speed, and specific formulation of the coating, these floors can offer environmentally-protective chemical and acid resistant characteristics as well as other high performance traits. When choosing a specific clear epoxy coating, it can be important to understand that epoxy products maintain their transparent, “water clear” look for many years, while others can take on a yellow or amber cast relatively quickly as part of the natural aging process. A professional resinous flooring installer can direct you toward the best product for your specific facility’s needs and applications.

Versatile Epoxy Resin Floor Coating Solutions

Clear epoxy resin flooring offers excellent durability and resilience, and is customizable for a range of different applications, including:

  • Healthcare and educational facilities
  • Restaurants and hospitality
  • Warehouses
  • Detention facilities
  • Manufacturing and packaging operations
  • Chemical and waste treatment plants

Florock offers a variety of clear epoxy product solutions, including:

  • Floropoxy 4805 Epoxy Topcoat
  • Floropoxy 4900 Epoxy Basecoat/Topcoat
  • Floropoxy 4905 Epoxy Basecoat
  • Floropoxy Novolac Acid Resistant Epoxy
  • Floropoxy 4700 100% Solids Epoxy Primer

To learn more about clear epoxy resin flooring solutions from Florock or to discuss which product is best for your application, feel free to contact our specialists any time.

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