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Seamless Epoxy Flooring Advantages

In contrast with more conventional flooring options such as tile or concrete, the epoxy flooring options offered by Florock Polymer Flooring are chemically engineered to offer a wide array of advantages, including being fluid-applied for a nearly seamless, monolithic surface. Some advantages of this include:


Seamless FloroCrete RT Green, installed by New England Floors of MA, helps keep this seafood processing plant sanitary and compliant.

  • Hygiene. Self-adhesive tile or tile and grout floors are inherently comprised of a network of seams in the floor surface that can trap dirt, grime, spills, and microbes. Luxury vinyl plank or sheet flooring relies on heat-welded seams that are prone to cracking; the breached surface is one more place for bacteria to build up and proliferate. In contrast, fluid-applied flooring systems virtually eliminate these seams, making it easier to disinfect the space and maintain a more sanitary environment. Some epoxy and resinous finishes can also be formulated with antimicrobial agents that inhibit the growth of microbes throughout the depth of the flooring.
  • Durability. In heavy traffic, the edges of individual floor tiles can present weak spots prone to fracturing or crumbling. Seamless epoxy flooring systems avoid having weak spots that are prone to fracturing and crumbling, as is common in tile floors. Resinous finishes may be installed at different thicknesses and can incorporate strengthening elements, such as special powders, aggregates and other additives, that furnish superior resistance to abrasion or puncture damage and outstanding compressive strength for heavy loads.
  • More cost effective. Epoxy floors can be installed to yield similar visual and functional characteristics as granite, terrazzo, stained concrete, and other designer options for just a fraction of the cost. Additionally, resinous floor surface eliminate the need special upkeep, with no need to wax, buff, or regularly treat the flooring system once installed. Heightened durability means less frequent replacement and repair costs, and at the end of its long usable life, the old resinous flooring system need not be removed. It can be simply recoated with another decorative epoxy system or serve as the substrate for the next choice in floor covering. This can great lower replacement time and disposal costs.
  • Better for the environment. In addition to reducing the waste associated with floor replacements, many epoxy floor coatings and similar resinous finishes can be made in part with recycled materials. They can also protect the environment surrounding the facility. Auto shops, industrial plants, and other facilities make use of dangerous chemicals and toxins that must be disposed of carefully. In the event of a spill, without the proper floor coating, the porous surface of the bare concrete slab would absorb the substance, allowing it to accumulate and eventually seep out into the surrounding soil and water. The same can happen with flooring systems possessing cracks or grout lines that provide an entry point for dangerous chemicals to enter into and leach through the slab. A properly selected and installed seamless epoxy floor minimizes this risk with its impermeable, nonporous surface that isolates toxins on the surface, allowing them to be properly cleaned up and disposed of.
  • Fast turnaround. As opposed to tiles that must be painstakingly laid, or other finishes that must be applied and sanded in layer after layer, epoxy flooring systems are installed as liquids in a fast, uncomplicated process. They set quickly and are able to accommodate full use again soon after installation, minimizing the downtime for a facility installing a new flooring system.

Floropoxy Novolac by Florock UK, helps protect the surrounding environment in this seamless secondary containment application.

Finding the Flooring System That’s Right for You

Florock Polymer Flooring specializes in low maintenance, seamless epoxy and other resinous systems that protect concrete, providing outstanding durability and performance that meet your facility budget. To discuss the requirements of your next value-based flooring project, contact our office today.