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Decorative Epoxy Flooring – Creating a Look for Every Facility

From food processing plants and restaurants to auto dealerships and semi-conductor factories, from hospitals and veterinary clinics to data centers and biotech labs, every facility has different flooring needs, not only in function but also aesthetically. Beyond to the numerous advantages of seamless, slip-resistant, durable flooring systems, decorative epoxy flooring can also be used to create a unique look for nearly every facility.


Beautiful, durable FloroChip System in a sports stadium by DecoCrete of TX.

Setting the Mood

From the moment we enter a room, the colors and the lighting of the environment affect us on a subconscious level. Different colors evoke different emotional responses and psychological states: bright red can be useful in energizing consumers to shop, but soft blue may be better suited for a hospital room intended to have a calming effect. In addition to solid colors, epoxy and other resinous floor coatings also come in multi-colored quartz and chip blends, as well as metallics and “faux stain” finishes, and can be customized to include a variety of designs and colors.


Different gloss levels, colors and floor marking options make it easy to define work areas.

Expensive Looks at a Fraction of the Price

With epoxy flooring solutions, upscale looks are available for an affordable price. A multi-colored chip blend system, for example, is an ideal offset to more costly terrazzo, but is far less expensive at initial installation as well as in its long-term recommended maintenance. Our popular “faux-stain” metallic series furnishes a trend-forward, organic appearance very similar to stained concrete, but without the drawbacks. Stained concrete is notoriously “light duty” – even a relatively short period of sustained foot traffic can cause the colored surface to completely wear away. And staining existing concrete accentuates flaws in the surface, drawing the eye to patched areas, scratches and other imperfections. A decorative resinous floor coating system, on the other hand, can create nearly the same high-end appearance as stained concrete, while smoothing over the surface and help to camouflage or completely hide surface blemishes.

A Floor Plan that Works

We take cues from the environment that tell us where it’s safe to go or not go, and on an unconscious level, even how we’re expected to behave. A combination of different decorative flooring effects can be employed to direct the flow of traffic or make a space easier to navigate. Specialized colors and symbols may also be needed in industrial settings to comply with OSHA safety standards. Contrasting flooring systems can also be used to section off an open space without the need for walls or raised barriers – as in a grocery store, where changes in flooring can customers to differentiate among the various departments. While one wide open space can sometimes be overwhelming, sections created with different flooring systems can make a space feel more manageable and easier to navigate, while still preserving that open, welcoming feel.


Impressively installed Florotallic Silver Gray and logo floor by Fuller of TN.

Customizable Flooring Options for Every Facility

At Florock Polymer Flooring, we manufacture a wide variety of standard colors, textures, and patterns to help you easily achieve your creative design vision. And thanks to the highly versatile nature of our decorative finishes, there’s almost no limit to the effects you can create. We’re pleased to match custom colors, mix special blends, or even incorporate your company logo into the flooring for a graphic that will last. Contact us to develop a flooring solution that will enhance the aesthetics of your facility.