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Best Flooring for Commercial Use

In a commercial setting, the flooring system must be able to safely withstand high levels of foot traffic, be aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean and maintain. Many common flooring solutions require extensive upkeep and can incur damage that is both unattractive and potentially hazardous.


Design-forward FloroWear 7100 White expertly installed by RP Coatings of CA.

Save Money with Epoxy and Other Resinous Floor Coatings

One cost-effective way to avoid the pitfalls of typical commercial flooring systems is to use high performance polymer coatings, such as epoxy, to increase durability, provide slip resistance, and achieve a custom, high-quality look. Some systems can be used to resurface existing slabs — a cost-efficient alternative to replacing the concrete. And while other flooring types require shampooing, waxing, buffing, and other treatments to continue looking their best, a simple mop or soft-bristle mechanical scrubber is enough to keep these polymer floor coatings clean and attractive.

Epoxy and other resinous floor coatings that can be applied in liquid form also minimize the cost of replacement when the system eventually reaches the end of its lifespan. Instead of having to tear out the old floor covering and deal with costly disposal, polymer floor coatings can be applied directly onto the existing layer, saving time and money, and minimizing waste. With quick-turnaround cure times and zero to very low VOC coatings containing no formaldehyde or phthalates, the installation process is faster and eco-friendlier than ever before, resulting in minimal downtime and optimal safety for your operation.


Beautiful Florotallic floor with heavy traffic topcoat in a pet supply chain store.

Finding the Right Look for Commercial Flooring

In order to develop and maintain an effective commercial space, the design team’s vision will encompass a number of important factors that reflect the company’s image and mission. Do they want the space to feel modern and edgy, or comfortable and cozy? Does the facility’s aesthetic speak to its target audience? Flooring is an aspect of the physical environment that can play a significant role in the “feeling” one gets upon first entering a space.

Glossy finishes, for example, reflect more light and contribute to a brighter, more open environment. Different colors and textures of floor coatings may be used to create a specific effect or be used in conjunction with one another to subtly differentiate between departments or functions within the facility. Patterns and markings can delineate safe zones and facilitate wayfinding. Floor designs can also be customized to support company image with brand logos or messages.


High performance FloroChip flooring installed by the pros at Spectra Flooring of FL.

Keeping Your Commercial Space Hygienic and Safe

Visitor and employee safety is of course a top priority. It’s therefore essential to choose a flooring system that can help minimize hazards. Any area with a high level of traffic can eventually experience a liquid or dry spill. Skid-resistant floor surfaces can help reduce the risk of slip and fall events. Likewise, uneven surfaces can create dangerous tripping hazards and should be avoided. Epoxy and other resinous floor coatings are engineered to be slip resistant, and are applied directly to a prepared concrete substrate, creating an even, virtually seamless surface.

Another advantage of seamless, polymer coated flooring is what it does not have – the matrix of grime-absorbing grout lines and seams seen in tile floors. Fluid-applied flooring’s impermeable, nearly monolithic surface leaves little room for soil and toxins to hide or for germs to proliferate, contributing to a more hygienic and healthful environment.

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