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Choosing an Auto Shop Floor Coating System that Lasts


Beautiful detail and color on this Florock auto shop floor expertly installed by FloorcareUSA of WI.

Each industrial setting comes with its own unique needs and concerns in flooring, and auto shops are no exception. Maintenance area flooring must be both functional and highly durable in the face of heavy vehicle traffic, moving machinery, and abrasive chemicals. Each auto shop has specific concerns and goals, but there are a few important criteria to keep in mind when exploring the options.

Flooring that Can Do the Heavy Lifting

Any viable auto shop flooring solution needs to be able to withstand prolonged exposure to heavy loads, high impact forces, sustained foot and vehicle traffic, and harsh chemical cleaning agents. It must be resistant both to punctures and to scratching, and cannot afford to have weak spots that are susceptible to cracks and breaks. Polymer resin chemistries have the advantage over other flooring options, as the products are virtually seamless, providing a smoother work surface, as well as eliminating the tendency of panels or tiles to crumble and   deteriorate around the edges or where the seams intersect.

Containment of Hazardous Substances

Auto repairs and even routine vehicle maintenance necessitate the use and proper disposal of chemical fluids that, if not handled carefully enough, could have severe negative impacts on the health of surrounding ecosystems. While old, contaminated oil, fuel, solvents, and other toxins must be disposed of in accordance with local regulations, even the most careful employees cannot prevent every spill. When a toxic fluid is spilled on a bare concrete slab, it is absorbed by the porous surface, where it accumulates and can eventually seep into the earth below, potentially contaminating groundwater and poisoning wildlife.

Epoxy floor coatings and other resinous finishes create a nonporous, isolating surface that can help mitigate the negative environmental impacts of the types of chemical spills that are bound to happen in an auto shop setting. These floor coatings are applied as liquids directly to properly-treated concrete slabs, creating a tight mechanical and chemical bond that can far outlast water-based adhesives or heat seals. Furthermore, these polymer coatings can often be installed over existing coatings, reducing the waste associated with replacing the flooring system when the time comes to do so.

Worker Safety

To minimize the risk of on-the-job injuries, an effective auto shop floor coating should be slip resistant enough to safely accommodate high levels of foot traffic, even in the presence of potential spills. In settings where heavy machinery is being used on a regular basis, it is also important to have certain hazardous areas clearly marked in red or yellow, in accordance with OSHA and other regulatory bodies. Florock’s flooring solutions are highly customizable, and can easily use color to mark off dangerous areas, indicate trip hazards, or even feature a company logo.

At Florock, we are proud to offer an array of liquid flooring solutions that have what it takes to withstand the daily demands of a commercial vehicle repair environment. To learn more about how our epoxy or other resinous floor coatings could benefit the facility, or to arrange a free site visit and evaluation, don’t hesitate to contact us today.