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Sustainable Polymer Flooring Options for Facility Managers

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Sustainable Florock floors and markings expertly installed by CIC of Georgia.

With growing attention paid to government regulations, customer preferences, expectations, and more, facility managers are turning to sustainable flooring and building materials. Polymer floor coating systems can be an excellent earth friendly choice. Well-specified, high performance polymer flooring can often outlast other floor coverings by years, requiring fewer instances of removal, replacement, and disposal. Additionally, even after a polymer floor finally reaches the end of its usable life, it can be used as a substrate for the next floor covering without having to be removed, thus avoiding adding to the growing waste problem.

What to Look for In Sustainable Polymer Flooring Options

In addition to the flooring solution itself being a sustainable option, facility managers will need to look at manufacturing processes and how the floor system itself is made. For instance, whether the raw materials are purchased in recyclable, decomposable, or otherwise eco-friendly containers, and whether the finished product is packaged using minimal packing and shipping materials. The manufacturer’s waste management practices, sanitation, water use, and facility ventilation are also part of what facility managers will want to review when choosing a manufacturer of polymer flooring.

Why Polymer Coating Is a Popular Sustainable Flooring Choice

From the start of the process, polymer flooring is an eco-friendly option. Upon request, fluid-applied resinous flooring can be comprised of recycled materials, including recycled glass content. The more recycled content gets employed in flooring and other construction materials, the less natural sand and other aggregates get mined directly from the earth. And today’s reputable manufacturers’ products nearly all contain very low to no VOCs.

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Another reason that resinous polymer flooring systems are an ideal commercial, institutional, and industrial concrete floor solution is that they help minimize landfill waste. Their long usable life reduces the number of flooring replacement cycles within a given facility. Plus, fluid applied flooring produces no cut-off waste during installation, as do roll, sheet, and plank goods. Further waste reduction can be achieved by requesting recyclable packaging, as well as using polymer floor resurfacing system to refurbish existing concrete that might otherwise require complete floor slab demolition and replacement.

Installing polymer flooring systems can also help managers achieve LEED certification for their facility or project. Sustainable flooring options from Florock can contribute to the following LEED credits:

  • Materials and Resources
    • MR Credit 1.1 and/or 1.2, Building Reuse—these floors can be used to rehabilitate existing flooring
    • MR Credit 2.1, Construction Waste Management—the packaging for these floors is designed to reduce waste, with many containers qualifying for recycling. Kits can be ordered broken up as well, to minimize box waste.
    • MR Credit 4.1, Recycled Content—these systems are made with 25%-33% post-consumer, recycled glass aggregate
    • MR Credit 5.1 and/or 5.2, Regional Materials—projects located within 500 miles of the Florock factory may benefit from this credit.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
    • EQ Credit 4.2, Low Emitting Material—all Florock commercial and industrial flooring systems qualify as “low emitting materials,” as all are formulated with extremely low to zero VOCs and are compliant with federal and nearly all local EPA regulations.

Which Polymer Sustainable Flooring System is Right for Your Facility?

At Florock, we are proud to manufacture flooring systems that are not only sustainable, but versatile. We serve a broad spectrum of industries, from food and beverage to correctional, healthcare to manufacturing, and everything in between. Facility managers are often surprised to learn that these flooring systems, with their customizable design-forward appearance, offer such outstanding performance and overall flooring value.

To learn more about sustainable flooring options from Florock, contact us anytime. Our polymer floors are slip-resistant, high performance, antimicrobial, seamless, and waterproof, and offer many benefits beyond sustainability and eco-friendliness. Get more information today for your facility.

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