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What is the Best Dog Kennel Flooring?

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Animal training facilities, dog daycares, and other large operations that manage the care, training, and boarding of dogs are, too often, built with materials that weren’t designed to stand up to the harsh environments. When choosing the best flooring for dog kennels, it’s important to consider the various aspects of each organization that differentiates its specific flooring needs.

Indoor Dog Kennel Floor Plans and Specifications

When housed in professional facilities, rescue animals, working police, military, and security dogs, as well as service animals and individuals’ pets deserve environments that are sanitary and properly maintained. Today’s facility patrons, visitors, and governmental inspectors are very aware of pathogen control and animal welfare – appropriate flooring can play a key role in animal residents’ overall health and safety.

Informed facilities pay special attention to selecting floor coverings that suit their unique dog kennel floor plans and building specifications. Typically, heavy duty, high traffic materials capable of withstanding ongoing wear and tear over the long term are called for throughout the facility. However, requirements for various rooms may differ somewhat in important ways. Extra attention to such details at the beginning of a project can provide great initial benefits and result in huge savings down the road.

For example, in reception areas, public entryways, and offices, design-forward flooring that contributes to a comfortable and welcoming environment for animals and their owners or handlers, and that coordinates with the surrounding décor, can positively influence the organization’s image, level of patronage, funding and even media attention. And yet, since animals frequently accompany their humans in these locations, aesthetics should not be prioritized over high performance. Floors that both look great and provide exceptional durability are called for.

Dog kennel boarding areas, as well as indoor play, training and common rooms must be highly sanitary. Choosing impervious, seamless flooring with an integral floor-to-wall cove base is imperative for best animal facility hygiene. By eliminating grout lines, floor corners, and seams wherever possible, managers can help prevent bacteria and other microbes from collecting and proliferating. Any breach in a floors’ surface, whether a deep scratch, porous grout lines, spaces between tiles or planks, corners where the floor and wall meet at a 90° angle, etc., are the perfect dark, damp breeding grounds for germs and accompanying odors. Fluids and soil make their way into these spaces, eventually entering and saturating the concrete sub-floor. Even the heat-welded seams seen in luxury vinyl and plank floors can crack and curl when subjected to ongoing heavy traffic and harsh cleaners, creating an unsafe and unsanitary floor. These issues can best be avoided with the selection of fluid-applied polymer resin flooring, which is virtually seamless and can withstand industrial sanitizers.

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Well-selected polymer flooring for dog kennels helps control the spread of disease throughout the facility, including laundry areas, food prep spaces, isolation rooms, cage areas, and more, resulting in better health for animal and human occupants alike.

Dogs’ nails can scratch up standard facility flooring quickly; animal waste, fluids and urine can damage typical commercial flooring surfaces, allowing germs and unclean odors to permeate throughout the building. For best results, kennel floors should be highly scratch-resistant, completely impervious and as seamless as possible, with exceptional chemical and stain resistance to urine, bodily fluids and animal waste, offer quick turnaround and low odor installation options, support good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with no outgassing after full cure, plus be outstandingly durable and budget-friendly.

If that weren’t a tall enough order, animal facilities require slip-resistance that’s kind to dogs’ sensitive paw pads, balanced with easy cleanability and no waxing or stripping. Because of these many requirements, it can be difficult to find the right kennel flooring that complies. Thankfully, polymer flooring and epoxy floor coatings offer ideal, value-based solutions.

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How to Choose the Best Dog Kennel Flooring

The installation of any floor covering is best done right the first time; institutional or commercial kennel flooring is no exception. Having expert support can make all the difference to facility managers committed to choosing wisely and avoiding having to replace inferior flooring down the road.

Polymer flooring for canine training and boarding, dog shelters, and other professional animal training and care facilities is an ideal choice. Not only does it meet all of the aforementioned requirements for durability and sanitation, but it can also be customized to reflect branding, logos, specific colors, and more. This can make the space feel more professional, unique and inviting.

Florock offers several polymer flooring solutions that are some of the best dog kennel flooring options on the market, including Florotallic, FloroChip, Florospartic, FloroQuartz, and Floropoxy Wall.

These systems are seamless with integral cove base options, as well as the optional ability to install floors with a slope toward a trench or drain. Our flooring experts can assist you with flooring that resurfaces existing concrete slabs, helps mitigate concrete moisture vapor transmission (MVT), waterproofs or provides antimicrobial and other special benefits. When it comes to the health and well-being of the animals in a facility’s care, there’s no better solution than a beautiful, high performance polymer floor coating system.

To learn more about polymer dog kennel flooring ideas and systems, contact Florock anytime.

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