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Installation Advantages of Pourable Epoxy

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Blue Floropoxy being applied to properly prepared concrete by Floorcare USA of WI.

If you’ve been considering different flooring systems for your facility, epoxy floors consistently offer a number of benefits over other flooring options. A highly decorative, top performing alternative to more expensive luxury vinyl or natural stone flooring, epoxy arrives at the installation site as a series of liquids. Floors created with fluid-applied, pourable epoxy offer many advantages and are a long-lasting option for a number of different facilities across many industries.

Sanitation Advantages of Pourable Epoxy Floors

Some types of vinyl floors can provide a similar aesthetic appearance to pourable epoxy floors, but where vinyl floors rely on water-based adhesives and heat-welded seams, epoxy floors are 100% bonded to the concrete surface underneath them. This means there’s no chance of adhesives failing or degrading, as well as no chance of those seams cracking and causing problems. Epoxy floors, applied as liquids, bond directly and completely to properly prepared concrete slabs, offering a higher level of protection against the pockets of moisture and bacteria that can develop under typical flooring with seams or adhesives.

Installation Advantages

The installation advantages of pourable epoxy and other types of liquid resin flooring are numerous. Because the final stage of manufacture actually takes place during installation, the material allows for complete customization of a flooring system to accommodate the exact needs of a given facility – all at a surprisingly economical price. Whether additional slip resistance and a floor logo is needed near the entryway or a loading dock surface needs to be a special color and handle 10,000 pound loads, fulfilling facility managers’ requirements can be achieved with pourable epoxy type flooring. For the professional who likes the challenge of chemistry combined with the creativity of interior design, pourable epoxy flooring installation offers many advantages, including being able to offer their customers superior performance.

Durability of Pourable Epoxy Floors

Pourable epoxy flooring systems are known for their high levels of durability. Designed to deliver an impressive lifecycle and a great value, these floors are scratch and puncture resistant, resistant to chemicals and acids, and are capable of withstanding high levels of traffic as well as heavy loads. Exceptionally long-lasting, epoxy floors are environmentally friendly. They don’t need to be replaced as often as other flooring systems, and produce far less waste over time as well. The savings of removal costs and avoidance of waste makes pourable epoxy floors a great option for a range of different facilities.

mixing of pourable epoxy floor system

Pourable Epoxy Vs. Ceramic Tile

In areas such as public restrooms, it’s not uncommon to see broken or chipped tiles, or pieces of grout missing in ceramic tile floors. This is a result of water and cleaning fluids seeping into the flooring system along the innumerable grout lines. The constant moisture can soon erode the grout and degrade the overall quality of the floor. Additionally, bacteria can begin to grow in and under the moistened areas, resulting in highly unsanitary conditions.
In contrast, pourable epoxy flooring systems provide a grout-line free floor surface that is highly impervious, moisture and chemical resistant.

Seamless Protection Against Damage and Degradation

Pourable epoxy provides a virtually seamless option for facility flooring, offering a highly durable solution for a variety of requirements. In addition to their monolithic surface and excellent durability, epoxy floor coatings meet requirements such as:

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