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Choosing the Best Computer Server Room Flooring Material

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Data centers and computer server rooms are essential to the running of modern businesses. Ensuring continuous and efficient operation of servers is critical to preventing outages or disruptions. It’s therefore important to maximize efficiency and security of server equipment through appropriate building design and finishes – including flooring. For example, static discharge within the room can cause serious damage to server equipment. Many types of insulating floor coverings, such as standard commercial carpeting, can contribute to a high-risk environment and a safety hazard.

The ESD Association recommends that sensitive facilities have a static control program in place, including appropriate grounding equipment and shoes for employees, as well as carefully selected and installed ESD flooring. The right anti-static flooring can provide safe dissipation of electrostatic discharge and effectively reduce the risk of damage to servers, electronic equipment, and most importantly, personnel.

How Does Anti-Static Server Room Flooring Material Help?

The large amount of electricity generated within data center server rooms full of electronic equipment, combined with static build up by personnel and/or machinery moving across the floor, can be a recipe for disaster — unless appropriate static control protocols are in place. Consistently reliable static control flooring possessing either electrostatic dissipating or fully conductive properties, depending upon facility needs and specifications, can make all the difference.

Properly grounded antistatic flooring safely removes the electrostatic discharge from the space, helping server rooms and data centers operate as they should. Anti-static flooring options, such as those offered by Florock, help prevent static charge build up and safely dissipate electrostatic discharge from the room.

Finding the Best Computer Room Flooring Options

An effective antistatic data center floor is based on having an appropriately specified, installed and site-tested electrostatic dissipative (ESD) floor covering system in place. Managers can become overwhelmed with the number of flooring products on the market claiming to provide static control. The benefits they offer vary greatly in the level and type of ESD protection, as well as in the consistency and duration of protection. Some materials provide only point-to-point dissipation across the surface of the floor, while others provide point-to-ground dissipation that can safely remove static discharge from the room altogether. Certain products are considered “ESD” level, while others are “conductive”, based on how they rate in resistance to ground, body voltage generation and other standardized tests. Still others may prove effective initially, but can lose their static control properties as the top dressing wears away. In other words, there is a lot to know about server room flooring — and a lot at risk.


Luckily, the ESD Association provides guidelines that can help facility managers make sense of it all. And by asking a flooring manufacturer if they have a Certified ESD Specialist on staff, buyers can get a good indication of their supplier’s commitment to and understanding of the needs of data centers and facilities with sensitive server rooms.

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The crew of DLS Floors of TX installing Florock high tech data center flooring.

Why Use Florock’s Server Room Flooring Systems?

Our solvent-free epoxy ESD floors, when used as server room flooring material, provide a range of benefits. In addition to options that offer superior compressive strength capable of withstanding heavy server racks and equipment, Florock electrostatic dissipative flooring systems help ensure static control consistency. These flooring solutions reliably dissipate static discharge without the need for application of ESD waxes, making floor maintenance far more efficient and less expensive.

Beyond offering static control characteristics, server room flooring should be capable of cooling high-density rack loads. Unlike many other flooring options, Florock’s ESD resinous floor coating systems don’t trap heat. This helps support cooling initiatives within data centers.

Florock’s high performance server room flooring materials ensure that the anti-static protection is long lasting, as well. These systems are designed to stand up to heavy use as well as exposure to many solvents and chemicals. Florock’s systems are built to endure.

To learn more about Florock’s anti-static systems for server room and data centers flooring and even wire access floor plenums, contact us anytime. Our Certified ESD Specialist and other experts are happy to discuss your specific facility needs.

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