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Why Resinous Coatings Are an Ideal Choice for Healthcare Flooring

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Florock Healthcare Flooring artistically installed by Garcia Smester of the Dominican Republic.

Today’s healthcare flooring must accommodate a medical campus’s many departments, each with its own specialized function and environment. This can even vary from room to room—from laboratories to patient rooms, emergency rooms to operating suites, hospital kitchens to laundry rooms. When it comes to flooring, there can be different requirements for the specific level and type of traffic, chemical and temperature exposure, slip-resistance, design and décor within each department.

Clearly, one type of flooring does not fit all; it can be difficult to find a single option that not only looks great, but offers optimal long term performance throughout the facility. Thankfully, there’s one category of flooring—resinous floor coating systems—that ideally incorporates flooring solutions for all aspects of healthcare.

Different Needs in Different Healthcare Facility Areas

Each area of a healthcare facility will likely have different requirements. Even something that sounds rather simple, such as the level of traffic, can vary greatly from location to location within the building. For example, will the floor be subjected to pedestrian traffic, rubber wheeled carts, steel wheeled carts, heavy mobile medical equipment or a combination of all these?

Throughout the healthcare facility, pathogen control is of utmost concern; meeting strict health industry sanitation and hygiene standards is paramount. Healthcare flooring with antimicrobial protection supports facility efforts by inhibiting pathogen growth. High performance flooring such as Florotallic, FloroChip or FloroQuartz with factory added FloroSeptic Antimicrobial can make all the difference.

Inpatient and treatment rooms must not only foster a sanitary environment, but must also offer soothing atmosphere and design that promotes wellness and positivity. Operating rooms and surgical suites must withstand the compressive loads of very heavy, highly sensitive equipment and often require electrostatic dissipative flooring to help safely remove static charge from the room. Common areas must be attractive, yet sustain high levels of foot and vendor cart traffic over the years.

All of the floors need to look good, and they should discourage the reproduction and spread of harmful microorganisms. Particularly in healthcare settings, the proper hygienic flooring can help safeguard the health of patients, staff and visitors.

How Resinous Coatings Meet Unique Healthcare Flooring Demands

Resinous floor coatings have a common thread among them—they are all highly customizable and can be installed in ways that align with the unique demands of the different areas of a healthcare facility. For instance, static control systems can be added in areas where active electronic equipment is used, while extreme chemical resistant systems can be used in laboratories where acids or solvents are likely to spill or splash.

There are a variety of Florock systems ideal for healthcare flooring applications. Some of these systems include:

  • Florotallic
  • Florospartic
  • FloroQuartz
  • FloroChip
  • Floropoxy ESD
  • Florock Novolac Epoxy
  • Florothane MC/HT
  • FloroWear

Easy to clean resinous systems for healthcare flooring can also be customized to meet certain aesthetic requirements, including embedding logos or wayfinding messages, and are known for being slip resistant, antimicrobial, and long-lasting – with some of the best life cycle value available.

To learn more about resinous healthcare flooring solutions, contact Florock anytime. Our technical reps are happy to discuss the different products available for healthcare facilities.

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