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Four Concrete Epoxy Solutions for General Service Floors

Finished Machine Shop

FloroBuild 1/4″ Flooring with yellow FloroMark striping expertly installed in a large machine shop by the crews at Florock UK of Great Britain.


Starting the process of selecting a concrete epoxy flooring system for your facility can seem a bit overwhelming. After all, there are myriad options for color, sheen, texture, and other factors. If you’re choosing something from scratch, rather than merely replacing or reworking an existing floor, it can be easy to get lost.

This article presents some helpful basics on general service concrete flooring for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. We’ll discuss four main types of concrete epoxy solutions that, like all fluid-applied flooring, may be installed on properly prepared and primed slab surfaces.

Finished Machine Floor

FloroBuild Epoxy Mortar in White Knight Grey skillfully troweled by Florock UK.

Broadcast Flooring

Broadcast flooring is an epoxy aggregate floor system that is 1/16” to 1/8” thick. It can be highly decorative in appearance, slip resistant and durable. One of the most widely applicable of installation methods, a broadcast floor consists of applying epoxy, followed by a broadcast (essentially throwing the aggregate into the air by hand or with a special device, so that it lands on the floor in an even fashion) of aggregate into the wet surface. The broadcast aggregate may be decorative blends of colored vinyl chips, ceramic coated quartz or neutral colored sand. After the epoxy has dried, the media is swept and vacuumed off and another coat of epoxy is applied. The process may be repeated to create a thicker floor. A broad selection of topcoat options, designs and floor patterns are available. Broadcast floors selected whenever sanitary, long-lived, cost-effective traffic surfaces are desired.

Some of Florock’s most popular options for broadcast flooring are:

Slurry Flooring

Slurry flooring is typically created by blending a silica powder or other fine aggregate with epoxy resin to create a more viscous consistency. Using a rake or notched squeegee, a thicker application can be achieved quickly and economically. An epoxy slurry system may be used as a stand-alone surface or as a basecoat under a broadcast or other floor. Slurries can also be created using clear epoxy resin and decorative powders or media to create unique designs and finishes. It can be used in a wide range of facilities, including warehouses, garages, commercial kitchens, service areas, and more.

Florock is proud to offer slurry systems including:

Troweled Flooring

Troweled epoxy flooring, like broadcast and slurry systems, involves both epoxy resin and aggregate. The aggregate in this case is a special, precisely graded blend of coarser media and fines, proprietary to each manufacturer. The material is combined and blended using a mortar mixer. It is then spread with a screed and either power troweled or hand troweled at a nominal 1/4” thickness. Various types of finish coats and toppings are available. Troweled flooring can be used to resurface degraded slab surfaces, as well as impart strength and impact resistance when a floor is to be subjected to heavy loads, dropped tools, etc. Epoxy trowel-down systems are used with great success in operations such as heavy industry, general manufacturing, vehicle and fleet maintenance, air hangars, firehouses and the like. They offer easy maintenance, low lifecycle cost and exceptional value.

Great troweled concrete epoxy flooring choices from Florock include:

High Performance Thin Film Systems

Finally, when high performance flooring is required in a thinner application, Florock is pleased to offer high performance epoxy/ urethane floor coating systems. Typically installed at 20-65 mils thick, comprised of one or more epoxy basecoats, followed by high performance urethane topcoat(s), a thin film concrete flooring system can provide excellent service for a broad spectrum of facilities. Even at such thinner applications, well-selected resin systems can offer impressive durability, safety and value. The same urethane topcoats may be used as a finish coat over nearly any epoxy system to enhance chemical and abrasion resistance and other performance characteristics.

Florock’s high performance thin film flooring includes:

Learn More About Florock’s Concrete Epoxy Flooring Options

To discuss the types of flooring systems are available for your specific facility, feel free to contact Florock any time. We’re here to help you make an educated decision.

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