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What to Look for in Laundromat Flooring


Laundromats provide a vital service to their patrons by making industrial grade coin operated laundry machines available to the public. Some facilities are open 24/7 and many are unattended to reduce overhead. As a result, Laundromat floors are exposed to a great deal of foot and cart traffic, spilled laundry chemicals that may not be immediately cleaned up, water and steam, not to mention the constant vibration and weight of heavy machinery.

To help preserve the integrity of the concrete slab as well as contribute to a safe and inviting environment for patrons, the floors in Laundromats and coin laundry facilities should ideally meet specific standards. What characteristics should you look for, when choosing laundromat flooring?

Aesthetic Requirements for Laundromat Flooring

Not everyone relishes their weekly visit to the Laundromat, which they may see as a time consuming chore of necessity. To combat this perception, smart Laundromat managers create an inviting and aesthetically pleasing environment. Bright, cheerful flooring can go a long way toward making that happen.

Decorative commercial flooring offering high durability and safety is available on the market, including value-based options that are exceptionally customizable, with exciting enhancements, such as floor graphics or embedded logos. It’s easy to see how appealing décor and flooring could attract more customers, giving one Laundromat an edge over a competitors’ nearby facility.


Pigmented FloroThane checkerboard pattern created by the artistic crew at FloorCare USA of WI.

Additional Demands Laundromat Flooring Must Meet

Due to high utility costs and machinery overhead, laundromat owners naturally seek the most durable, trouble free flooring for their facilities. Consideration for the weight and vibration of heavy machinery should be primary, as lesser quality floors can break down quickly under these conditions. Other requirements of Laundromat flooring include:

  • Skid and slip resistance to help ensure patron safety
  • Waterproofing underlayments for upper level facilities
  • Chemical resistance to help prevent damage from detergents, bleach and cleaning solvents
  • Exceptional abrasion and wear resistance to withstand high levels of both foot and laundry cart traffic
  • Impermeable, long-lasting surface that prevents concrete dusting
  • Extremely easy to clean and maintain, with no waxing or buffing
  • Moisture mitigation options to help correct vapor transmitting slab-on-grade and other site conditions
  • Antimicrobial finishes to support facility hygiene and patron health
  • Light-reflective surfaces that can minimize the need for overhead fixtures, and help reduce utility bills

Why Resinous Laundromat Flooring is an Ideal Choice

Among Laundromat flooring options, lightly sealed and stained/polished concrete finishes have proven themselves generally unsuitable, as they can quickly wear down to bare concrete, generating undesirable concrete dust. Tile floors may last longer, but unfortunately the grid of grout can become a place for germs, moisture, and spilled laundry chemicals to gather. Over time, the grout lines can become more and more difficult to sanitize, and the entire floor can begin to look unclean and unattractive.

In contrast, resinous or polymer floor coating systems are an ideal choice for Laundromat flooring. Highly resistant to chemicals, resinous flooring can typically sustain longer term exposure to a variety of common chemicals without damage.

Resinous floorings’ many colors and finishes add to their appeal for laundromats. Options may include metallic coatings, custom colors, embedded graphics and more. Florock’s resinous flooring systems are designed to deliver especially high value, including high performance floor surfaces that look great over the long haul while meeting the many demands that a Laundromat presents.

To learn more about the different types of polymer floor coatings for concrete Laundromat flooring, contact Florock today—our associates are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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