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Metallic Epoxy Floors – What Makes the Look?

In the realm of concrete floor coatings, metallic epoxy floor systems are frequently chosen for their appealing visual interest, as well as their durable, high-performance finishes. However, despite their name, metallic epoxy floors do not actually contain metal. Let’s learn more about these unique flooring systems.

Why Are Metallic Epoxy Floors Used?

FloroTallic Night Grey Flooring

FloroTallic Night Grey Flooring skillfully installed in a nightclub setting by Surface Tech of MS.

Metallic epoxy floors are extremely popular within the commercial and institutional design world, and for good reason. They fulfill the need for a trend-forward floor category that can help support modern décor and design vision, and are a superb replacement for the stained/polished concrete of the recent past, which has proven to be a lesser performer in high-traffic facilities such as retail settings, restaurants and other hospitality ventures, educational institutions, and more.

Under the friction of ongoing foot and cart traffic in busy operations, polished or stained concrete can quickly wear down to bare concrete. The result not only affects the aesthetics of the floor (and in turn, the entire facility), but also can pose health, safety and budgetary risks. Examples include concrete “dusting” affecting sensitive individuals’ respiratory function, absorption of spills and pathogens into the now porous uncoated surface, increased incident of concrete damage and need for costly repair, among other issues.

Resinous floors, both with and without metallic epoxy finishes, provide a one-of-a-kind decorative appeal with far superior performance and long-term value than many other flooring options. Experienced architects, designers, and building owners alike are turning to metallic epoxy finishes to meet the varied needs of commercial and institutional floors.

FloroTallic Flooring

FloroTallic Flooring in a retail location of a national pet store chain.

Are Metallic Epoxy Floors Actually Made of Metal?

Despite their descriptive name, the truth about metallic epoxy flooring systems is that they contain no actual metal–no metal shavings, powders, or components at all. While each manufacturer that produces metallic epoxy floor coatings is secretive about the specific makeup of their product, the basics are the same across the board:

  • The metallic look is created by using pearlescent, light-reflective aggregate blends.
  • The aggregate powder blends are made of nano-particles that have been coated with organic or inorganic pigments to produce an iridescent effect.
  • The reflective powders are then combined with pigmented or clear epoxy, which impart the floor with depth and shimmer, giving an almost three-dimensional appearance.

How Are Metallic Epoxy Floors Different than Other Resinous Floor Coatings?

Epoxy floor coatings offer a number of benefits to building owners and facility managers. In addition to simply looking great, Florock’s epoxy resin formulations are colorfast and non-yellowing, and are also available in a number of colors and blends to suit virtually any design vision.

Florock’s metallic epoxy floors also offer:

  • Zero VOC, 100% solids coatings
  • Low-to-no odor topcoats with superior chemical and solvent resistance
  • Moisture mitigating and waterproof options
  • Customizable slip resistance to meet the building owner’s needs
  • Professional, manufacturer-trained/approved installers, who properly analyze site conditions and install accordingly
  • High-quality, no filler, epoxy resin formulations

To learn more about how installing metallic epoxy floors can benefit your operation, whether a restaurant, grocery or department store, school, clinic, or other busy setting, contact the associates at Florock anytime—we’re happy to discuss options and answer any questions you may have.

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