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Pub Flooring: Choosing an Attractive Yet Durable Flooring System

flooring for high traffic and spills facilities

Florock FloroTallic stands up to high traffic and spills in this beautiful front of the house installation by Surface Techs, Inc. of MS.

In pubs, brew-pubs, and micro-brewery taprooms, the flooring choice is not as simple as one might think. For instance, with the sheer amount of liquids being poured day-in and day-out at these establishments, it is essential that the flooring be safe for patrons and staff. Beyond that, though, it’s important that pub and brew-pub floors look great too—after all, these are often popular establishments that are patronized by a high volume of guests, so it’s important to think of aesthetics when choosing pub flooring solutions.

Front of the House, Drinks, and Dining Spaces

There are a variety of different options to choose from when making decisions about the type of flooring that will be used in the portions of the pub where customers gather. Here, it’s important to find resinous floor coatings that can stand up to the amount of traffic that front of house areas receive, while still achieving the look you want for your facility. Restaurant and pub flooring have a lot in common, and at Florock, we are proud to offer epoxy floor coating solutions that look great and meet the unique requirements that these hospitality facilities demand.

Many decorative options, such as colored quartz or chip blends, and metallic-shimmer options can create a look that is appropriate for the atmosphere in your pub or brew-pub. Florock’s quartz blend and resinous flooring systems offer not only great design, but extraordinary strength that is capable of standing up to the busy public areas in pubs. Metallic “faux stain” flooring systems mimic the look of stained or polished concrete, perfect for enhancing a broad spectrum décor themes. However, these USDA-compliant systems perform far better than stained concrete, sealed or bare floors and their impervious finishes keep health inspectors happy, too.

Additionally, Florotallic systems can be installed to mimic the look of organic wood floors at a fraction of the installation cost and offer much less expensive upkeep. With more women and men frequenting pubs and brew-pubs, it’s essential to ensure the establishments look their very best to preserve a favorable opinion of the pub’s appearance.

back of the house flooring option

Florock FloroCrete Flooring for back of the house, expertly installed by FloorCare USA of WI.

Back of House Flooring Requirements

While it’s important for the overall look of the pub to remain consistent and attractive, back of house areas have different standards that must be met. For example, higher heat resistance, heavy impact due to machinery, temperature changes (grill and fry lanes, walk-in coolers), and more. For these areas, cementitious urethane flooring, such as Florock’s line of FloroCrete systems, allow for optimal customization while being USDA compliant and antimicrobial for health and safety. Cementitious urethane floors are proven high performance flooring solutions in commercial kitchens as well as food and beverage processing facilities for years, making them ideal for back of house use at pubs.

In addition to being very durable, cementitious urethane floor systems feature outstanding adhesion to properly prepared concrete slab surfaces, making them a great choice for existing structures. Furthermore, they are able to withstand thermal shock, and have superior resistance to moisture and consistently-wet areas.

Urethane and resinous floor coating systems may be used alone or in conjunction with decorative toppings systems, allowing owners and managers to select the most attractive and durable flooring options for every pub setting.

To learn more about the available options, contact Florock today.

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