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Mechanic Shop Flooring – Creating a Safe Environment


Florock FloroThane provides the chemical and abrasion resistant flooring needed for this heavy-duty fleet maintenance facility.

Mechanic Shop Flooring – Creating a Safe Environment

Vehicle maintenance areas, such as mechanic shops and auto body shops, have some intense requirements when it comes to their flooring. There are a range of different facilities that require garage flooring, including dealership maintenance areas, independent commercial repair garages, vehicle maintenance chains and franchises, governmental and corporate fleet facilities and many others. Along with helping to increase the life of the slab, thereby benefiting the organization’s bottom line, the requirements for these floors are in place to help ensure that the workers and patrons of these facilities are in as safe an environment as possible. In addition to slip-resistance and chemical resistance, these floors should be highly durable and great looking.

Slip-Resistance: A Necessity

With all of the liquids, chemicals, and oils used in mechanic shops, it is absolutely essential that the flooring used in these facilities offers superior slip and skid resistance. Oils, grease, solvents, and other vehicle-related fluids can cause severe damage to floors that aren’t properly suited for the facility’s demands, so when choosing a concrete floor coating for an auto body shop or mechanic shop area, be sure to find a solution that is safe and offers customizable slip resistance, such as a high performance epoxy flooring system.

The right garage and mechanical shop flooring can make a big difference in not only the safety, but in the appearance of the facility as well. Though these spaces are utilitarian in nature, it’s important that they also present an aesthetically pleasing appearance that imparts trust among visitors/customers. Permanently stained, worn down or dirty and degraded flooring gives the negative impression that the operation is less than professional. In contrast, a clean, bright and safe floor surface tells the public that the team occupying the facility takes pride in their work.

High Performance and Ultra Durability

In addition to being slip resistant, mechanic shop floors need to be extremely durable. Heavy automotive repair equipment, dropped tools, corrosive fluids, not to mention the cars themselves are all part of the daily wear and tear. Well selected and properly installed concrete epoxy floor coatings are extremely long lasting and easy to clean. The systems’ chemical resistant topcoats, available in a variety of colors and sheens,add to the durability and safety, as well as chemical and abrasion resistant properties of the seamless flooring.

Additionally, these high performance floors support facilities’ environmental stewardship, by isolating hazardous materials on the flooring surface, where they can be properly cleaned up — as opposed to allowing toxic substances to leach through porous concrete slabs into the surrounding environment.

FloroWear 7100, Transportation, Vehicle maitenance, Abrasion Resistance, Extreme Chemical Resistance, Slip Resistance, harley

Florock FloroWear 7100 is an ideal flooring solution for this busy motorcycle repair shop.

Great Looking, Customizable Options

At Florock, you’ll find a number of mechanic shop floor system options that allow for as much customization as you want for your facility. Striping, markings, company logos, and safety messages can be embedded into the floor’s design, ensuring that the safest atmosphere possible is provided to employees and visitors.

What Solution or System Is Best for Mechanical Shop Flooring?

Frequently, concrete epoxy floor coating systems can be professionally installed over a weekend, allowing for minimal mechanic shop downtime. At Florock, we manufacture a broad selection of mechanic shop flooring solutions that are impervious, preventing toxic substances from saturating the concrete slab. Systems ideal for mechanic shops include our FloroShop and Florothane products, such as Florothane MC/HT, Florothane MC 100 and FloroWear 7100. For more information about which is best for your facility, contact Florock today.

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