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Considerations for Winery Flooring

Flooring for Wine Room

USDA-Compliant, durable and easy-to-clean Barrel Room Flooring from Florock

In wineries, when the flooring is sanitary, slip-resistant and easy to maintain, it can provide peace of mind to owners and managers. Having the right, durable winery flooring furnishes impressive life cycle cost savings, all while helping to keep visiting health inspectors happy.

The flooring chosen for wineries needs to meet a variety of specifications to provide the safe, attractive floor surfaces required. When making choices for winery floors, be sure to take stock in these considerations.

Winery Production Areas

Winery production and fermentation rooms undergo routine health inspections and, in many cases, are a regular stop during visitor tours. They need to both perform and impress. Heavy equipment and forklift traffic are the norm, so it’s essential that the flooring in these busy places can stand up to the high level of wear and tear.

Exposed to acidic fruit juice, caustic chemical cleaners, high-pressure/steam washing, scrubbing and ongoing wet processing, the flooring must be USDA-compliant and anti-microbial, moisture-tolerant, capable of withstanding extreme pH liquids and be thermal shock/thermal cycling resistant.

A very tall order and one that can only be filled by high quality cementitious urethane flooring, such as FloroCrete SLX, FloroCrete RT, and FloroCrete HD, while Floropoxy Wall Systems offer excellent vertical surface protection. These proven food processing coating systems demonstrate outstanding durability and ongoing performance in hard-working facilities throughout the U.S.

Winery Tasting Rooms

Whether an intimate setting within an onsite retail space or the bar area in a full-service restaurant overlooking the vineyard, winery tasting rooms call for a comfortable ambience that encourages patrons to linger, sample and buy.

Decorative resinous flooring offers upscale value-based options that satisfy – suitable for tasting room designs ranging from French Country to Urban Chic. And while spills are sure to occur, a selection of high performance slip-inhibiting finishes are resistant to chemical damage and stains.

Durable Flooring for Winery and tasting flooring

Florock Flororallic Tasting Room Flooring, installed by Mirage of IL, furnishes durable, high performance elegance.

Special Requirements of Winery Floors

The perfect bottle of wine doesn’t just happen by chance. Care must be taken at every stage to protect product integrity.

To help ensure highest quality, all elements within production and bottling rooms, traditional wine caves, as well as onsite hospitality spaces need to be free of tainting toxins and odors.

Luckily, the best resinous flooring manufacturers offer formaldehyde-free formulations that are low- to zero-VOC, exuding zero emissions and no outgassing when fully cured.

Safety Concerns

In order to be optimally safe for visitors and workers alike, winery floors, like other production and public spaces, should be skid and slip resistant. Balancing a skid-inhibiting surface with easy cleanability is easy with resinous flooring’s customizable finishes.

Floors should also be anti-microbial to support good hygiene and pathogen control wherever food and beverages are processed, packaged or served.

Impact Resistance

Depending upon output and capacity, winery production, processing and bottling equipment can impose incredible pressure upon facility flooring. Impact damage to concrete is also a risk, given the loads that forklifts and even hand carts are required to transport.

By installing high compressive strength, impact resistant resinous flooring, the longevity of concrete floor slabs can be safeguarded. No other flooring solution furnishes this level of industrial-grade, heavy-duty performance, combined with such decorative beauty.

To learn more about the many winery flooring options available, contact Florock today.

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