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Resin Floors: Acid Resistant Coating Solutions

Acid resistant batter room flooring

Florock Acid Resistant Floor in a battery area, expertly installed by DLS Flooring of TX.

If your facility, because of the nature of your operation, needs acid resistant flooring, you’ll be pleased to learn that high performance resin floors, such as those offered in the Florock line, are available with a broad range of acid-resistant options.

Acid-resistant floor coating systems are a requirement in a number of different industries and applications, and are chosen based on the types of chemicals and acids in a given space, as well as the duration of floor’s exposure to the potentially damaging substances. A variety of fluid-applied resin flooring with different levels and types of acid corrosion resistance is available for locations such as laboratories, chemical processing plants, chemical storage areas, and food and beverage processors to name but a few.

Meeting Strict Regulations

Due to its porous nature, bare concrete floors are not approved for use by the majority of regulatory agencies in operations that handle dangerous acids. Impervious floor coverings and secondary containment coatings are mandated in such facilities to prevent toxic substances from leaching through absorbent concrete floor slabs, into the surrounding environment. The fines for lack of compliance, depending upon industry and location, can be significant so from both a sustainability perspective, as well as from a prudent business standpoint, getting the appropriate acid-resistant flooring in place sooner rather than later makes sense.

Where Can Facility Managers Use an Acid-Resistant Coating?

Acid-resistant coatings are used in a range of different settings, and can be beneficial anywhere harsh chemical spillage may occur. Places these coatings are often installed include:

  • Battery charging operations
  • Chemical storage areas
  • Chemical processing plants
  • Tank Rooms

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Protecting the Facility Structure

As every good facility manager knows, having to replace a concrete floor slab can be prohibitively expensive and disruptive. In locations where high concentration acids and/or alkalis are present, unprotected concrete can get quickly broken down and even destroyed. In order to protect the structural soundness of the facility’s concrete investment, a carefully selected and professionally installed resin floor with appropriate acid resistance is imperative and can save thousands in damage control and repair down the road.

Which Type of Acid Resistant Resin Floor is Best?

Every facility is different, as are its acid resistance requirements. Luckily, Florock has one of the most complete high performance resin floor lines on the market. Our local experts can assist you in selecting the various protective flooring surfaces for the diverse areas within your operation. For example, your battery charging room might benefit from Florock Floropoxy Novolac Flooring, a true Bisphenol F epoxy floor that resists long-term exposure to high concentration, extreme pH substances, including 98% sulphuric acid.

Other operations may require different solutions. Whereas Florock Elastomer 6500 might be the best solution as a waterproof and acid-resistant secondary containment coating for a mezzanine tank farm, FloroCrete HD Urethane Mortar Flooring may provide the optimal level of protection for a citrus fruit processing plant floor that gets hot-pressure washed throughout the day.

At Florock, we’re proud to offer a broad spectrum of chemical and acid-resistant floor coating systems that meet the needs of industrial and institutional facilities.

To learn more about this and our other epoxy floor coatings, contact us today.