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Hospital Flooring Design: What to Keep in Mind

hospital flooring design

Florock Antimicrobial Flooring expertly installed by Garcia Smester of Dominican Republic

When choosing flooring systems for hospitals, there are a number of considerations to take into account and many different requirements that must be met. Studies have shown that the environment in which patients receive care has a measurable effect on medical outcomes and the patients’ recovery. As a major element throughout every healthcare facility, flooring deserves designers’ concerted attention.

Because healthcare facilities are highly demanding, the appropriate flooring choice must live up to rigorous standards. For instance, hospital floors must meet strict health codes, but they should also provide a positive and welcoming atmosphere for patrons, patients, and workers alike. Hospital flooring design should promote safety, maintain hygiene and infection control protocols, contribute to a positive patient experience, and offer a long usable life with minimal maintenance costs. These factors play an important role in the daily usage of hospital flooring and should therefore be considered when making design and purchasing decisions.

Promoting a Relaxed and Inviting Environment

Evidence-based design is intended to not only impact visitor and healthcare worker morale, but also help to improve patient care, enhance medical outcomes, and even assist in lowering the rates of medical error. The link between the physical environment occupied by staff and patients and the aforementioned benefits is supported by the research. When selecting floor systems for a hospital, experts recommend carefully evaluating flooring for its proven durability, safety, its welcoming and clean appearance, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to select the floor finish – such as pattern, level of slip-resistance and reflectivity — to make it compatible with the served population’s needs. Highly customizable, Florock’s healthcare floor systems can accommodate and promote the safety of those they serve.

Meeting Health and Safety Requirements

The health of every person in a hospital is important—from the patients to their visitors to the staff. Selecting value-based floor coatings that support safe indoor environments can be challenging—at Florock, our flooring systems are specially engineered to encourage maximum hygiene and infection control. Florock floors are virtually seamless, reducing the risk of bacterial growth that would otherwise occur in places like grout lines, compromised heat-welded seams, and cracks. Ensuring that the flooring surface in a hospital is impervious to spills and other moisture is essential to fostering a clean, sanitary environment. And because our very low to zero VOC floors install with low emissions, are completely inert after full cure, and free of heavy metals, phthalates and formaldehyde, they foster good indoor air quality (IAQ).

Facilitating Medical Device Efficiency

Medical and hospital flooring design demands some unique characteristics that other facilities’ floors do not—for instance, medical flooring needs to support safety protocols in areas with sensitive electronics and medical devices. At Florock, we are proud to offer static dissipative (SDT) options to ensure these protocols are met.

Maintaining Cleanliness, Durability, and Appearance

Hospitals need to be kept extremely clean to prevent the spread of disease and infection, so in addition to the other requirements laid out, floors in hospitals must be puncture and impact resistant, abrasion resistant and stain resistant. Betadine spills in particular are the bane of every healthcare facility manager’s existence. Florock offers a unique topcoat that exhibits excellent short-term betadine stain resistance.

Why Use Resinous Floor Coatings for Hospitals?

One floor covering option that meets all of the requirements for hospital flooring design is resinous flooring. Epoxy and other resinous floor coatings support germ-fighting efforts, are formulated to stay strong, and don’t fade or become discolored with wear and tear. Florock provides several different resinous floor systems that are ideal for hospital flooring design. These coatings limit the growth of bacteria and require little maintenance over the floor’s lifespan, which can save time and money. Additionally, these flooring solutions are very customizable, so they’ll look great in a hospital, no matter what the desired aesthetic is.

To learn more about ideal floor coating options for hospital flooring design, contact Florock today.