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Florock® Expands the Popular FloroCrete Cementitious Urethane Line for Concrete Floors

New FloroCrete Cove Kits offer pre-measured liquids and aggregates to save installers from planning and wasting time.

FloroCrete Flooring installed by Floorcare USA of WI provides high performance protection in the most demanding environments.

Florock Polymer Flooring, manufactured in Chicago by Crawford Laboratories, Inc., has added two new products, FloroCrete Cove Kits and FloroCrete Powdered Colorants, to its popular FloroCrete Cementitious Urethane Flooring line. Now certified Florock installers can create integral urethane mortar floor-to-wall cove bases faster than ever before, while offering their facility customers a broader palette of standard FloroCrete colors.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — Florock® Polymer Flooring, manufactured in Chicago by Crawford Laboratories, Inc. since 1952, is launching the most recent additions to its FloroCrete Cementitious Urethane family of products — New FloroCrete Cove Kits and the FloroCrete Powdered Colorant line. With today’s compressed construction and facility renovation schedules, time is at a premium and change orders occur on a regular basis. The cove kits allow Florock’s Certified Contractors to create sanitary integral floor-to-wall cove bases for their FloroCrete flooring faster than ever before. Also contributing to efficiency, the new powdered colorants allow for quick jobsite tinting, enabling installers to easily accommodate a facility’s last minute request for a different colored floor. In addition, contractors can now warehouse a broad palette of standard FloroCrete colors in a relatively small space by stocking only the neutral-colored urethane mortar resin, along with bags of FloroCrete Powdered Colorants in a variety of shades.

Prior to the availability of the new FloroCrete Cove Kits, installers had to take the time to measure out the resins, thickeners and aggregates required to create the right consistency for vertical floor-to-wall cove base construction. In contrast, each kit contains pre-measured liquids and aggregates needed to build twenty one linear feet of six-inch high cove or thirty-one and a quarter linear feet of four-inch high cove. By eliminating the need to plan and transport various coving mix additives to the jobsite, as well as cutting out the time required to carefully measure out individual aggregate and thickener components, FloroCrete Cove Kits offer tangible benefits.

The innovative FloroCrete Powdered Colorants, available in bags of red, blue, green, grey and black, make tinting Neutral FloroCrete as simple as adding one bag of colorant powder to one kit of cementitious urethane flooring — or one-quarter bag of colorant to each cove kit – and mixing. Florock installers can continue to use original factory-pigmented Grey, Tile Red or Neutral FloroCrete, and now have the bonus of being able to tint the Neutral kits in the field.

Available in several formulations, including FloroCrete P, SLX, RT, HD and the new Cove Kit, the Florock line of anti-microbial, USDA-compliant urethane mortar flooring is a favorite in food and beverage plants, commercial kitchens and manufacturing facilities requiring exceptional resistance to alkalis, acids and chemicals. Equally important, FloroCrete offers excellent thermal shock resistance and moisture tolerance, and can be topped with one of many other decorative Florock systems in what the industry calls “hybrid” flooring.

When asked about the company’s business philosophy, Aviva Llorens, Florock Vice-President, stated, “Our number one focus is to continue innovating and producing the best quality high-performance flooring solutions that can be installed in the most efficient and competitive manner possible. When we listen to what our contractor and facility customers have to say, it’s a winner every time.” The new FloroCrete Cove Kits and Powdered Colorants are evidence of exactly that.

Experienced Florock Representatives are available throughout the U.S., U.K., Mexico and many other locations around the globe. Call 1-800-FLOROCK (1-800-356-7625) to find one near you.

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