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Best Flooring for High-Traffic Areas

Flooring options for high-traffic areas

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Facilities with high-traffic areas, whether entrances, hallways or production areas, face unique challenges when determining what flooring system is best suited for heavy foot and/or equipment traffic.

Structures such as shopping centers, hospitals, schools, and manufacturing facilities put heavy demands on floors day after day.

With a constant flow of traffic from shoppers, employees, and equipment, these facilities need flooring solutions that can withstand daily wear and tear.

The best flooring for high-traffic areas meets the following requirements:

Extreme Durability – Necessary for High-Traffic Areas

Above all, high traffic areas require durable floor systems or coatings to withstand daily stress from foot or vehicle traffic such as forklifts and heavy machinery. Foot traffic and heavy machinery can be extremely damaging to lightly sealed or bare concrete floors.

Constant stress, impact and abrasion on flooring can take a toll on inadequately protected surfaces.

In commercial or industrial settings, heavy duty flooring systems such as resinous, fluid-applied floors serve to protect the underlying concrete floor slab while providing exceptional life cycle value.

In facilities such as airports and universities where foot and cart traffic is constant, durability also translates into extended flooring lifetime. Longer usable life means reduced costs from fewer repairs or premature replacement.

Attractive Aesthetics – Keeping High-Traffic Areas Attractive

In addition to being highly durable, the best flooring for traffic areas must be attractive and inviting. In other words, it should be pleasing to the eye and welcoming to employees and visitors all day long.

In large commercial areas such as shopping centers, aesthetics are extremely important for creating an appealing environment for shoppers.

In other settings such as hospitals and clinics, flooring plays an important role in creating an uplifting and soothing environment that is not only appreciated by visitors but can also be beneficial in helping patients recover faster.

While the heavy-duty flooring systems of the past tended to be unattractive and plain at best, today’s high performance polymer flooring systems can be formulated to match just about any interior décor and can also have special aesthetic features such as patterns, embedded logos or even a modern, shimmering metallic look.

Easy Maintenance – Low Maintenance for Areas with High Traffic

Flooring in high-traffic areas needs to be easy to maintain and care for. From daily sweeping to ongoing upkeep, flooring used in high traffic areas should require minimal maintenance to avoid disruptions and/or chemical cleaning treatments that may be unpleasant or even unsafe for employees, patrons, and others who frequent the facility.

Fluid-applied resinous floors are a great option when it comes to easy and inexpensive to care over the long term. Requiring minimal maintenance and no waxing or buffing, these surfaces provide excellent value for facilities that experience ongoing high traffic.
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Quick Installation – For Areas that Can’t Be Closed Down

When a facility is visited by hundreds or even thousands of people daily, or when a business runs 24/7, closing down rooms or temporarily isolating areas for flooring repairs or replacements can be inconvenient on many levels.

Flooring with speedy installation is prized for high-traffic areas, in order for operations to continue as usual with minimal impact to those who visit the facility. Whether it’s an airport or a university cafeteria, it’s critical that a new floor be quickly installed and made available as soon as possible.

With quick-cure, fast turnaround options that are ready for equipment and people in just two hours after final topcoat installation, resinous floors are an ideal, durable, easy-to-maintain flooring system for high traffic areas.

Assessing Your Facility’s Needs and Installing the Best Flooring for High Traffic Areas

Before you determine what flooring your facility needs, it’s important that you thoroughly assess how each area of your operation is used on a daily basis.

From the level of traffic to conditions such as temperatures or exposure to liquids and chemicals, it’s critical that you understand everything that goes on in a given space before selecting the best flooring for high-traffic areas in your facility.

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