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What Are the Best Concrete Floor Coatings?

Installing concrete floor coatings

Florock Florotallic expertly installed in a college foyer by CIC of Georgia.

Choosing and installing concrete floor coatings, as well as effectively repairing surface cracks and damage requires the expertise of skilled technicians.

That’s where Florock comes in. With our full-scale R&D and QC laboratories, floor coating engineering and manufacturing capabilities, regional factory technical representatives, and full network of local, approved specialty contractors, you can be confident we will deliver the optimal solution for your facility.

Understanding the Needs of Your Concrete Floors

Improved slip-resistance, repair of damaged or cracked floors, chemical resistance, USDA-compliance…No matter the need, Florock has concrete floor coating systems for you. Our line consists of five different types of high performance polymer resins, including:

  • Epoxy flooring
  • Urethane topcoats
  • Acrylic MMA systems
  • Cementitious urethane mortars
  • Polyaspartic finishes

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Each of these resinous floor and other polymer floor finishing systems furnishes a unique set of performance and aesthetic characteristics. Occasionally a single type of resin chemistry is used to coat an industrial, commercial or institutional floor. More commonly, however, several resin systems are installed in layers to provide optimal properties in a customized flooring solution.

With the right, professionally installed products, including concrete epoxy floor resurfacers and other resins, your business can save thousands in concrete slab replacement and facility downtime costs.

Coatings for Repairing Damage & Much More

Resurfacers do much more than simply repair surface fissures & damage. Supplementary benefits of our solutions include:

  • Impact resistance with aggregate-filled, fluid-applied systems
  • Ultra high point load, high compressive strength floor repair systems
  • Options for extreme environments, including thermal shock-resistant floors
  • Elastomeric concrete floor toppings to absorb machine vibration
  • Waterproofing resurfacers for mezzanines and upper levels
  • Utilitarian or decorative slip-resistant finishes
  • Moisture-tolerant and moisture-mitigating resurfacers available

Contact us today to discuss unique solutions for your facility! One of our Florock representatives will respond quickly and evaluate your flooring needs.