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Choosing a LEED-Compliant Industrial Flooring System for Your Facility

Leadership in Energy and Environmental DesignMore and more, LEED certification is a topic that comes up when discussing building construction. Environmentally friendly building materials and sustainability are becoming increasingly important to many facility owners, so it’s not surprising that virtually every aspect of the building process, including the materials, can be carried out to green specifications. Flooring is no exception, and if you’re planning a project that needs to have LEED-compliant flooring, it’s important to know what to look for.

What Does LEED-Certified Mean, Anyway?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and it’s a certification program created and monitored by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) that ensures independent, third-party verification of sustainable building practices, including materials. Certain products, such as qualifying resinous floor coatings, can help projects earn LEED points. LEED points in various categories indicate the level of certification a building is eligible for, and are earned by using certain processes and products, including LEED-compliant industrial flooring.

How Can Flooring Help You Earn LEED Credits?

LEED focuses on the entire lifecycle of a building, not just how it’s being designed or built. In other words, consideration for the future plays a role–how construction materials will age and how the structure will adapt over time.

Points for certification can be earned during different stages of construction, and various types of flooring can help earn LEED credits on a project. There are flooring systems that qualify for LEED credits based on their material composition, low emissions rating (zero- or low-V.O.C.), overall performance, manner in which they are installed or even the distance of the construction site from the manufacturing source. Consider Florock’s LEED-compliant commercial, industrial and institutional flooring systems when investigating flooring options.

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LEED-Compliant Industrial Flooring Options from Florock

Florock systems offer several options for a facility to earn LEED credits in the Material and Resources category, such as:

  • MR 4.1: Recycled Content. Florock’s Eco-blend products, such as FloroQuartz and FloroShop systems, are comprised of 25-33% post-consumer, recycled glass aggregate, which means they are eligible for recycled content credits.
  • MR 2.1: Construction Waste Management. These credits are for the building process and relate to waste generated by installation of materials. Florock offers different packaging options that reduce waste, and most pails are capable of being recycled. Additionally, when placing an order, customers can request that certain kits be shipped broken up to minimize box waste.
  • MR 1.1 and/or 1.2: Building Reuse. These credits are related to making an existing structure reusable, rather than destroying and rebuilding from scratch. Florock’s resinous concrete resurfacers can usually allow existing concrete slabs to be reused rather than removed. Additionally, epoxy and other polymer flooring systems can occasionally be installed on top of older floor coatings, without needing to tear up the existing flooring first.

Other LEED credits that are obtainable with Florock products include MR Credit 5.1./5.2, for regional materials, and EQ Credit 4.2, for low-emitting material.

How Florock Contributes to Green Initiatives

Beyond offering products and services that encourage sustainability, Florock is proud to have been one of the first industrial manufacturers to take advantage of metal drum recycling. We also purchase our raw materials in recyclable/collapsible eco-friendly containers whenever available, and we have a policy of using recyclable containers for our own product fills and packaging whenever possible. Our manufacturing site is monitored in accordance with environmental authorities, and we strictly comply with regulations regarding hazardous chemicals, water, sanitation, waste management, and ventilation.

To learn more about LEED credits, points, and certification, or to get more information on Florock’s LEED-compliant industrial flooring, contact us today.