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Leader in Industrial and Epoxy Flooring, Florock® Moves to New Facility, Continues Construction

Florock’s new headquarters are now fully operational and will have consolidated all functions under one roof

Due to unprecedented growth, Crawford Laboratories, Inc. of Chicago, manufacturer of Florock® Polymer Flooring, has moved its corporate headquarters to larger facility less than a mile from the previous location. Offices and warehouse are now fully operational at the new address, even as construction continues on the company’s expanded manufacturing and laboratory spaces. By the end of 2015, Florock will have consolidated all functions under one roof for the first time in more than five years.

Chicago, IL: Florock® Polymer Flooring, manufactured by Crawford Laboratories, Inc., recently moved its corporate headquarters to 1120 West Exchange Avenue in Chicago’s historic Stockyards Industrial Park – less than a mile from its office location of more than five years and just blocks away from the original company building that still houses the Florock factory, R&D and QC laboratories.

More than doubling production capacity, the fit-out of the new manufacturing and lab spaces within the eighty-eight thousand square foot facility will continue throughout the year. By January 2016, Florock hopes to have its offices, warehouse, laboratories and production under one roof for the first time in over a half decade.

In keeping with the company’s commitment to earth-friendly practices, the new Florock facility is a study in the 3-R’s — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Rather than demolishing and building from scratch, management chose to adapt an existing structure to their needs, greatly reducing the amount of landfill waste created during construction. By recycling an older brick structure to provide more than twice the manufacturing capacity, the company feels it is fulfilling its mandate to “do it greener”.

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Florock’s new headquarters showcases the broad spectrum of high performance products in the line, with every room exhibiting a different flooring system. “It was exciting to see so many of our beautiful, hard-working floors, from FloroCrete to new FloroMica, being installed in succession.

Our offices now serve as a customer showroom and real-life case study of Florock Flooring durability and long-term value, even in the most intense, high-use situations,” says David Schmetterer, company president.

Florock and Crawford Laboratories sixty-plus year history is built on the shoulders of generations of employees, in some cases from the same local families. When it came time to look for a larger home base, the company received attractive offers from nearby suburbs and adjacent states.

After all, providing manufacturing jobs within big city limits while fostering profitable growth is a challenge that not every company is willing to undertake. Yet, instead of uprooting the business and leaving loyal employees, Schmetterer worked with government agencies to enable Florock to remain in its traditional neighborhood just south of Chicago’s famous Loop.

Florock is showing the world that it is, in fact, possible for well-run U.S. manufacturing in dense urban areas to contribute, grow and compete successfully.

Experienced Florock Representatives are available throughout the U.S., Mexico, the U.K. and other locations around the world. Call 1-800-FLOROCK (1-800-356-7625) or 1-773-376-7132 to find one near you.

ABOUT FLOROCK®, MANUFACTURED IN THE U.S.A. BY CRAWFORD LABORATORIES, INC. — Serving facilities since 1952, Crawford Laboratories, Inc., is a leader in the manufacture, research and development, and installation of solutions-oriented concrete floor coatings and toppings. The company’s Florock Polymer Flooring line, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with West Coast office, warehouse, technical representation and local approved installers, is now one the most complete resinous flooring lines available, offering full support from design through construction — and beyond. Please visit www.florock.net for more information.