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Flooring Designs: Epoxy Flooring with Embedded Logos

Create a dynamic flooring logo

Florothane MC Hangar Flooring with embedded squadron logos, beautifully installed by RP Coatings of CA.

At Florock, we believe managers shouldn’t have to choose between high-performance floors and beautiful ones. Creating a dynamic flooring logo that stands out against a coated concrete background can make a huge impact. When installed properly with an eye-catching design and attractive blending of colors, facilities can earn the praise of employees and clients alike.

When embedding graphics or epoxy logos into resinous flooring, every seasoned professional installer has his or her own secrets for achieving the crisp, clean-edged result desired. It takes significant technique and skill to get it right and the different shapes, sizes, color combinations and other factors can play a role, challenging even the most experienced pros.

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In general, one of four different methods is typically employed when adding unique graphics to polymer flooring systems:

1) Logo or message pre-printed on special perforated mesh

2) Logo or message pre-printed as an adhesive decal

3) Logo or message cut out of coated paper in the form of a stencil.

4) Freehand drawing and painting

How to Choose a Logo Method

The reasons for using one method over another are varied and many. The size, shape and number of colors involved in a given graphic design can play a roll, as can the installation crew’s preference and experience in using a specific material.

In addition, the thickness, cure time and composition of the floor coating system can influence which logo application technique gets employed.


Common to all methods of floor graphics installation is the need for meticulous planning. Decisions about the logo’s design and size, as well as its location on the floor must be carefully made.

An appropriate background for the graphic can then be selected from an almost unlimited number of offerings, ranging from solid colors to blends of multi-colored chips or quartz, or even one of the new shimmering “metallic” floors.

When using a pre-printed design or stencil, ordering the graphic as early as possible can be important. Using the services of a reputable specialty printer may cost a bit more, but can save time and headaches at the job-site.

Once the graphic is delivered, getting the facility manager’s approval on the final printed or cut-out design before installation onto the industrial floor is always good practice.

Preserving the Graphic

After the logo or message is embedded into the resinous flooring system, one or more topcoats of clear, non-yellowing epoxy, urethane or other high performance resin helps ensure that the beautiful graphic and floor design will adorn the facility for years to come.

The clean design and seamless style of Florock floors leave an impression on every person who walks across them. Contact us today to discuss unique resinous coating solutions and epoxy logo flooring for your facility!