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Care and Maintenance of Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Industrial Epoxy Flooring Maintenance

FloroCrete RT with FloroSpartic 5 topcoat, expertly installed by Floorcare USA of WI, cleans up quickly and easily, even in extreme environments.

Epoxy flooring and other seamless commercial, industrial and institutional systems provide durable surfaces that are not only attractive, but also very simple to maintain. With just a few steps, keeping a facility’s resinous or epoxy flooring investment in top condition is easy and inexpensive. A regular schedule of routine sweeping and occasional light scrubbing will help preserve the floor’s striking appearance and excellent performance for many years.

While some manufacturers offer only one type of epoxy flooring, Florock’s broad line of products is made up of many different resinous topcoats and finishes.

These include everything from smooth high gloss surfaces, monolithic satin finishes, stippled “orange peel” effects, and slip-resistance ranging from extremely mild to more aggressive profiles for areas with excessive grease or oil.

Depending upon the formulation of the protective resinous or epoxy flooring topcoat, as well as the level of skid-inhibiting aggregate, cleaning and maintenance procedures may vary. However, the basics apply to all.

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Here are Florock’s best tips for keeping your industrial epoxy or other commercial resinous flooring in top shape:

Sweep Daily

As with any surface in an public setting, coated concrete floors will gather loose debris and dust. Make sure to sweep resinous flooring well at the end of each workday.

Wash Weekly

When washing resin-coated concrete floors, whether using a mop-and-bucket or soft bristle mechanical scrubber, employ a dilute solution of warm water and mild detergent cleaner. Note that strong acidic substances, such as vinegar, or highly alkaline cleaners, such as ammonia, are neither recommended nor needed. And depending upon the floor type and composition, these extreme pH liquids may actually damage the topcoat.

If required, give extra care to areas subject to heavy traffic, hard rubber wheels or any type of machinery that leaves marks.

Remove Abrasives & Contaminants Promptly

Any abrasive particles should be swept or vacuumed up as soon as possible. Liquid contaminants should be removed by mopping or light scrubbing using the solution described above. Make sure to rinse thoroughly with clean water, multiple times if needed.

Guard Against Staining

Epoxy and resinous flooring is available in a broad spectrum of high performance protective finishes. Proper selection for a specific facility takes the operation’s daily activities and chemical use into account. It is therefore unlikely that a carefully chosen and properly installed resin-based floor system will get damaged by everyday spills. However, prompt cleanup of liquids is a good practice for both the sake of the floor, as well as occupants’ safety. In the event that a substance does leave a shadow or stain after cleaning, it’s best to consult your flooring representative rather than immediately proceeding with untried cleaners.

Optional Occasional Buffing

Facilities with very glossy epoxy or urethane floor finishes, depending on traffic and usage, may find it beneficial to buff their floors on occasion. A high-speed buffer with gentle white pads will usually be sufficient to maintain or restore shine on smooth, light-reflective surfaces. Buffers should only be used on clean, dry floors. Buffing is not recommended for semi-gloss or satin finishes, or for those with a heavy slip-resistant profile. Though some floor covering manufacturers recommend waxing, all Florock flooring systems provide no-wax surfaces and do not require the application of special polishes.

Refinish if Necessary

When a resinous or epoxy floor nears the end of its useful life, it can be professionally refinished with the same look relatively quickly. Alternatively, an entirely different type of fluid-applied flooring system may be installed over the existing material. The selection is unlimited!

In either case, the best course of action is to contact an expert at Florock. Our team can help you hone in on the optimal combined solution of lasting concrete floor protection and beautiful aethetics.