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Static Control Flooring: When It’s a Must

Florock's ESD and Conductive Systems safely discharge static from the room.

Floropoxy ESD, correctly installed and grounded by National Engineering of FL

As electronic devices become more powerful, facilities have experienced a greater need for static control flooring. Consider this excerpt from an article published in the July/August 2014 edition of Facilities Engineering Journal:

“A person walking across an insulative tile floor can build-up static electricity resulting in electrostatic discharges (ESD). When a hand touches a doorknob, it can take 3000 to 3500 volts to feel a sudden shock. In 1971, Intel’s 4004 microprocessor equaled about 2300 transistors. At the end of 2008, Intel’s Dual Core Itanium 2 smashed the 2 billion transistor equivalency barrier.

In 2011, Astronaut Buzz Aldrin commented that today’s hand held smartphone has more processing speed than NASA’s Apollo 11 guidance system computer. Hand held touch screen phones are much faster, with colossal memory in comparison to the lunar bound Apollo 11 computer.”

Without the proper static control flooring and epoxy coatings, any facility that deals with active electronic equipment and components, volatile gases, powders, liquids, or other substances may be exposing themselves to adverse ESD-related events.

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Minimize the Risks of ESD

Typical floor covering options, including standard resin coatings for commercial and industrial concrete floors, can create an environment where even small levels of ESD activity become high-risk. In contrast, the special composition of Florock’s static control flooring provides safe dissipation of electro-static charges.

Our proven static control flooring and coatings provide the additional safeguards you need to help protect your employees and your facility. They’re frequently chosen by industries such as:

  • Semi-conductor and electronics
  • Aerospace and avionics
  • Data centers and mission critical operations
  • Pharmaceutical plants and biotechnology labs
  • Healthcare, hospitals and medical research
  • Automotive and other high-tech manufacturing

We occasionally receive inquiries from customers regarding the static control capabilities of unsealed concrete. There are several potential problems with the presence of an untreated concrete floor in static risk environment. Most of these issues lie in lack of control over the floor’s properties, for example:

  1. A facility’s Safety Manager may test the concrete and get a result deemed acceptable (resistance in the range of 1.0 x 106) However, this result can be greatly altered as people move across the floor. In many instances, the body voltage generation test over bare concrete flooring will fall outside the allowable range. In general, tests for body voltage generation are better indicators of floor performance in a critical space.
  2. The moisture content of concrete can vary greatly over time. Since the electrostatic resistance of concrete strongly depends upon its moisture content, ESD tests of concrete slabs can vary from day to day, from rainy season to rainy season. And more recently poured slabs will generally have lower resistance than decades old concrete.
  3. Uncoated concrete flooring, due to sheer size, layout and internal metal reinforcement is difficult to ground properly, even if moisture could be completely controlled.

The bottom line? A properly installed and grounded static control epoxy floor coating (as part of a facility-wide safety program) can help alleviate these issues.

At Florock, our ESD and Conductive high-performance concrete flooring provides a choice of electrostatic dissipative or conductive properties. When used correctly, Florock ESD and Conductive Systems reliably and safely discharge static from the room, while providing excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, as well as UV stability and colorfastness. Our systems furnish protection in accordance with ESD Association guidelines, providing consistent readings throughout the life of the coating.

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