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Benefits of Industrial Epoxy Floors in Manufacturing

Beautiful FloroBuild Flooring Installation by Hubbard & Associates, Inc. of NC.

Beautiful FloroBuild Flooring Installation by Hubbard & Associates, Inc. of NC.

Every manufacturing operation presents unique challenges that call for precise flooring solutions. In addition to adding visual interest to industrial facilities, warehouses, or factories, industrial epoxy and other high performance resinous floor coatings can help improve workers’ productivity, as well as support their health and safety.

Like many design and engineering decisions, site conditions play a key role in the type of floor coating that should be applied. For instance, food and beverage production plants, storage facilities, laboratories, and pharmaceutical plants require high performance and sanitary floor surfaces that are easy to clean and resist abrasion, staining and deterioration from chemicals.

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Why Choose Epoxy Floors?

Specialty epoxy and other resin-based polymers, when carefully engineered and installed, can act as protectants on concrete floors that would otherwise break down from day-to-day facility use. Often used on vehicle maintenance and air hangar floors, epoxy coatings and other high tech resinous systems can be utilized in a wide variety of manufacturing environments, commercial office and retail floors, walkways and concourses. Many facilities around the world have already experienced the benefits of industrial epoxy and other polymer flooring through Florock’s innovative and versatile line of products.

For companies involved in manufacturing ingestibles, such as food and pharmaceutical plants, distinctive floor coating systems that inhibit bacterial growth and comply with the stringent sanitary requirements of each facility, as well as the USDA, FDA and other regulatory agencies, are imperative. These goals are easily achieved, thanks to the Florock R&D and technical teams.

Benefits of applying epoxy coatings and other high performance flooring in industrial manufacturing facilities include:

  • Chemically Resilient: Well-designed epoxy floor coatings and other resinous finishes can survive exposure to strong chemicals, solvents and exposure to extreme pH. This is ideal for manufacturing facilities that may use such substances on a regular basis. Depending upon formulation, once the high performance coating components cure, the resulting solid polymer surface can be incredibly strong and prevent chemical and physical breakdown.
  • Safety: Epoxy and other resin-based finishes have customizable skid-resistance to help prevent slips and falls. Some offer static control properties and most have a “self-extinguishing” fire rating. By nature, resinous flooring does not promote the growth of harmful mold, however additional antimicrobial additives, such as FloroSeptic can help further inhibit the spread of pathogens. These and other factors will help uphold both the safety of your employees and your structure.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Concrete floors coated with resinous finishes, such as epoxy, last longer and resist substantial wear, thus saving facilities money and allowing managers to devote resources to other aspects of the business.
  • Time-Saving: In most cases, epoxy flooring and other resinous systems can be installed relatively quickly, reducing or, depending upon scheduling, even eliminating lost production time.
  • Inexpensive and Easy Cleaning: Once concrete has been properly prepared and coated in a high quality resin or epoxy floor covering, it is no longer porous. That means dirt, chemicals and other substances remain on the surface and the floor is easier to clean. Lack of grout lines means quicker sanitation and fewer man hours scrubbing. Plus, many resinous finishes, such as Florock Floors, never need waxing.
  • Visual Appeal: Florock offers a wide variety of floor coatings in an array of colors, patterns, and even customized logos to fit each facility’s specific style.
  • Brightness: Many of our customers prefer a high-gloss option for coatings, which can enhance lighting due to reflection. Light-colored floors can also help brighten the space and occupants’ mood.
  • Easy on Forklifts and Vehicles: A properly coated concrete floor has a safe, monolithic surface, free of unevenness, cracks and potholes. This helps keep forklift loads level, vehicle suspension systems and tires intact. As the result of well-selected epoxy or resinous floor, the money and time spent maintaining and repairing truck loading equipment can be greatly reduced.
  • Eco-friendly: Epoxy and other resin-based flooring can be a green option for your business, eliminating the installation cut-off waste of tile and rolled goods. Facility managers like knowing that the majority of today’s liquid flooring components contain zero VOC, and that products from leading manufacturers contain no heavy metals. In addition, Florock is formaldehyde and phthalate-free, offers recycled glass aggregate blend options and furnishes recyclable packaging for many products. The infrequent replacement and sheer long-term durability of epoxy flooring and other fluid-applied alternatives add to their environmentally-friendly benefits.

Choosing the appropriate flooring is an investment decision for any business. If the decision is made wisely, it offers long-term, high-performance life to the concrete slab and coated floor surface. Contact Florock today to discuss the best option for your manufacturing facility.