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Understanding & Using Epoxy Floor Primers

epoxy primers can accommodate the range of conditions found in today’s business settings

Florock Antimicrobial Flooring, impressively installed by Garcia Smester of Dominican Republic.

Why use an epoxy primer?

It is a common misconception that epoxy primers are an extraneous added cost. However, they provide a variety of important solutions to several widespread problems associated with concrete surfaces. If superior adhesion and endurance is needed, the use of an epoxy primer is a necessity, not an extra. Some benefits provided by epoxy floor primers include:

  • Penetration into the concrete substrate, providing an overall better mechanical bond to the slab.
  • Superior chemical bond for subsequent epoxy base coats.
  • Because of their lower viscosity, epoxy primers fill the pores of the slab substrate and help to eliminate bubbles and pinholes that can form due to concrete
  • They allow subsequent coats to achieve a higher dry film thickness and uniform finish.
  • Some epoxy primers can serve help mitigate moisture vapor transmission (MVT) from beneath the floor slab. Some are moisture tolerant and work well when being applied over higher relative humidity floors.

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Florock offers a variety of formulas of resinous and epoxy primers to accommodate the range of site conditions found in today’s industrial, commercial and institutional settings.

Depending on the type of primer used, dry times and recoating windows vary. This includes both fast-curing and slower-curing options, moisture tolerant formulations and moisture vapor mitigating options. Primers may be selected for their ease of handling, lower or higher viscosity, installation temperature range, ability to cure well in a given environment or temperature, pot life, and a host of other reasons.

Compatibility of a given epoxy primer with a chosen flooring system may vary according to resin types and other factors. High performance fluid-applied flooring is intended for use by professionals. Therefore, utilizing a manufacturer-approved installer is the best way to get a correctly applied floor that performs as designed. When in doubt, contact the manufacturer for assistance in selecting a local installation company.

Epoxy Primers Options

Florock offers a complete line of epoxy primers and other polymer primers. Our most popular products are:

  • Floropoxy 4700: A quick-curing 100% solids epoxy primer
  • Floropoxy 4755: A slower-curing, 100% solids, tacky epoxy primer
  • Floropoxy MVT: A 100% solids epoxy primer that can help mitigate lower levels of moisture as part of the FloroProof System
  • FloroCrete P: A moisture tolerant cementitious urethane primer, which is also part of the FloroProof Moisture Mitigation System

Prime & Protect

Regardless of the purpose, high quality epoxy primers, applied as the first coat over properly prepared concrete, furnish the best foundation for your polymer flooring systems.

They provide your concrete floor coatings with better adhesion, improved aesthetics and increased durability.

With different formulas available for a variety of needs and applications, our selection of epoxy primers helps ensure the best performance possible from your concrete floor coatings.

To learn more about choosing the best epoxy primer solution, get in touch with Florock at 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625) or 773-376-7132.