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Most Cost-Effective Supermarket and Grocery Store Flooring

Install flooring that is safe, hygienic and attractive.

Grocery stores, market-halls and similar facilities attract a high number of customers on a daily basis. In these high-traffic, high-volume facilities, it is essential to install flooring that is attractive to customers, safe, hygienic, and easy to clean and maintain.

Florock offers a variety of resin types to suit the many areas of today’s food store facilities. In addition, all of Florock’s products are USDA compliant, slip-resistant, easy to keep clean, and less expensive to maintain than many other flooring options. At Florock, we work with our grocery store clients one-on-one to create the perfect flooring solutions.

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In the past, there were few options for flooring in supermarkets, market-halls, grocery stores and other food shopping venues. Typically, flooring consisted of small vinyl tiles, which looked fine in the beginning. But as the years went on, it became necessary to replace individual tiles, resulting in a mismatched look and a difficult surface to keep clean. Obviously, a food supplier cannot display flooring that is anything less than pristine. That’s when the world of epoxy floor coating systems stepped in.

Front of Store: Wow at the Point of Entry

This highly visible area calls for decorative, high-impact designs. Our high-quality polymer floor coatings can employ any color or color combination the facility management desires, and even personalize with custom logos, messages, directions and other options. This is ideal for entryways, café areas, hot buffets or salad bars, customer service areas and more. Not only does an acrylic polymer, epoxy or other resin floor coating contribute to store brand identity with the latest colors and designs, it also provides high-performance durability, exceptional scratch and stain resistance, stand up to ongoing heavy cart and foot traffic, and provide many more benefits for years to come.

Behind the Scenes: Create Safe and Sanitary Environments

Meat, seafood, dairy and kitchen/prep areas are subject to a number of hazards daily, from spills and slips to the use of abrasive cleaning chemicals. Our high performance steam-cleanable floors are ideal for these areas, as well as walk-in freezers and coolers, and bakery areas. They offer unbeatable chemical, acid and alkali resistance and provide a sanitary, non-slip surface so employees can move quickly and safely.

Our concrete floor coating product family now incorporates more than five polymer resin chemistries, including Floropoxy Epoxy Flooring, Florothane Urethane Coatings, FloroCryl Acrylic MMA Flooring, FloroCrete Cementitious Urethane Mortars and FloroSpartic Polyaspartic Floors. With these and other epoxy floors and coatings, we can provide facilities with a broad range of floors with the long-lasting protection and attractive appearance they need.

As one of the most complete protective concrete covering lines on the market today, Florock can provide you with an optimal polymer flooring solution that meets your facility’s specific requirements. Our network of highly experienced regional technical representatives and local approved installers work with you to provide the optimal flooring solution for your grocery store needs—and your budget. If you’d like to learn more, contact us today.