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Well-Selected Concrete Coatings for Vehicle Maintenance Areas

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When it comes to flooring for vehicle maintenance areas, whether in professional auto mechanic facilities, antique or classic car storage, auto dealerships, or truck, fleet and commercial vehicle maintenance facilities, the selected flooring must withstand a daily barrage of challenges. Floor coverings must be non-skid, durable, secure and easy to keep clean of grease and other residues. These resinous floor finishes must also easily tolerate incidents such as spilled solvents due to cleaning of parts, severe impact from dropped tools or equipment, and daily wear and tear.

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Why Vehicle Maintenance Floor Coatings Are Necessary

Whether it’s a showroom or a maintenance bay, the right flooring makes a vital difference. Epoxy and other resinous finishes from Florock are made to resist staining from new or hot tires, and since there are no dirt-collecting grout lines, facilities are cleaner and safer. Because there is no need for time-consuming waxing and buffing of floors, these coatings can help reduce the costs associated with maintenance. If a facility’s flooring is in an area that customers frequent, managers can elect to add a decorative finish or brand identity logo to the floor as well.

Good for Workers, Good for Business

When safety and visibility are a concern, reflective coatings are an ideal solution for working under hoisted vehicles. These types of coatings can also guard against leaked fluids and solvents such as motor oil, antifreeze, grease, fuels, as well as leaked battery acid and other toxins. Instead of soaking into the slab, these dangerous substances instead remain on the surface of the impermeable high performance concrete coating, where they can be effectively removed, resulting in a safer, slip-resistant surface.

Hazardous liquids can easily penetrate porous, uncoated concrete. If left for an extended period of time, these materials can potentially soak through the concrete slab and leach into the surrounding environment.

Florock’s chemical-resistant vehicle maintenance flooring acts as an impermeable obstacle, preventing toxic substances from soaking and leaking through the concrete slab into the ground below. Any spilled substances remain on the surface of the floor, where they can be cleaned and disposed of correctly. This is an ideal way for vehicle maintenance facilities to do their part for the health and safety of the community they serve.

It may seem nearly impossible to select one flooring solution that truly delivers on the many requirements of durability, performance and aesthetics, while staying within budget, but at Florock we can work with any facility or business to solve flooring challenges on time and economically. Our solutions-oriented flooring systems are an ideal fit for just about any commercial, industrial or institutional application. For more information on our epoxy and other resinous finishes, contact us today.