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Reliable & Cost-Effective Solutions for Correctional Facility Flooring

In any correctional facility, the health and safety of prison inmates, guards, and staff and visitors is paramount. Studies have shown that strategic correctional facility design is instrumental in helping to improve health and safety, prevent accidents, and more.

Here at Florock, we make it a point to understand how design impacts the facility of each client we work with. For example, at a correctional facility, the staff may require focus on good acoustics, bright lighting, sight lines and other design elements to make their job safer and less stressful.

Providing adequate personal space, using natural lighting, outdoor views, and other visual stimulation, as well as allowing inmates to have some amount of individual control over their environment can encourage calm and cooperative behavior more conducive to effective rehabilitation, as well as enhanced staff safety.

MMA acrylic and other polymer flooring systems are among the key elements in any efficient correctional facility design. There are several unique characteristics of this type of flooring that can contribute to better outcomes when working with the prison population. Among those characteristics are:prison cell flooring


In a correctional facility, flooring that allows staff to move quickly with secure footing is a must. Florock provides high-quality epoxy and resin floors that are designed to endure ongoing heavy foot traffic, severe impact, and harsh cleaners. These slip-resistant coatings help keep accidents at bay and provide a safe environment for everyone. And Florock’s seamless heavy-duty flooring bonds completely to the concrete substrate. This adds additional protection as the flooring canno is less able tot be “picked at,” torn or otherwise manipulated by an inmate.

Antimicrobial Protection

Safe, sanitary and durable—that’s what Florock delivers with antimicrobial epoxy flooring and other resinous coatings. With the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and other environmental developments, many correctional facilities now require that hard surfaces, like flooring and coatings, support their agency-mandated germ and mold-fighting efforts. At Florock, our MMA acrylic coating and other resinous concrete floor coatings with optional antimicrobial additive are powerful enough to meet today’s challenges, and in addition, furnish impervious seamless surfaces that resist the absorption of liquids and bodily fluids. Fluid-applied resinous flooring that bonds directly to the concrete slab helps eliminate the risk of mold growing in pockets between the flooring and substrate, as often seen with tile and sheet goods. This added antimicrobial protection helps keep pathogen growth and the spreading of disease under control—a must for correctional facilities with occupants in such close quarters.

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Soothing Color Selection

There have been Nnumerous psychological studies that have shownshow that color affects mood and emotional state. One of the great benefits of choosing resinous flooring from a quality manufacturer is ease of customization, and at Florock, custom colors and blends are our specialties. Calming shades and hues within a room can colors can significantly contribute to modern correctional facility management. Incorporation of patterns or logos can provide instructional messages as well as add to the overall psychologically beneficial design.

Quick Curing Time

Overcrowded prison facilities have little room to spare. During floor maintenance and repair, fast turnaround resinous floors can help reduce security concerns and inconvenience by minimizing the need to rearrange inmate living quarters. In many cases after fast-curing resin floor installation, cell rooms can be recoated and ready for habitation within a matter of hours. Florock’s low odor curing options also reduces the need to move vacate inmates from nearby cells during installation.


Finally, flooring that can be installed on a budget is particularly desirable to taxpayers. A correctional facility flooring solution that is exceptionally durable and inexpensive to maintain means less money spent on repairs upkeep and replacement over time. Resinous flooring, such as Florock FloroQuartz, offers superior lifecycle value.

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Correctional facility flooring, whether in offices, showers, cells, kitchens, workshops, kitchens or common areas, is challenged on a daily basis. Floor coverings must be durable, safe, easy to maintain and sanitary. It may seem nearly impossible to find one solution that does it all while staying within budget, but at Florock, we can make it happen. Our experienced team of polymer floor coating professionals, including installers, regional technical representatives, and customer care team members, can meet any prison facility’s concrete flooring challenges on time and within budget. To learn more, contact us at 773-376-7132 or 1-800-FLOROCK (356-7625) today.