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Fight the Elements with Cold Temperature Epoxy Flooring

maintenance-area-flooring-is-eco-friendlyWhen it comes to installation of industrial or commercial flooring systems, environmental factors play a large part in the decision-making process. Discerning facility managers searching for a cold temperature commercial flooring solution can rely on methyl methacrylate (MMA) systems, polyaspartic coatings and other cutting-edge resinous finishes that can be professionally installed in cool to below freezing environments. These high performance industrial flooring systems can protect facility concrete from exposure to acids, alkalis and many chemicals, continual foot, cart and forklift traffic, impact from dropped items and ongoing abuse from heavy loads.

While standard fluid-applied flooring must be installed in temperatures between 55° and 90° F, Florock’s unique cold temperature epoxy flooring and other cold installation resinous systems can be successfully applied in cool to very cold environments. They can be customized in a variety of slip-resistant finishes and colors to perfectly suit the needs of any facility. Installation is safe and quick, and the benefits are immediate. Following is an overview of the various types of cold temperature flooring available.

FloroSpartic Systems

FloroSpartic coatings are shiny, transparent, aliphatic polyaspartics. These light-stable, high performance polymeric systems have excellent curing properties, even in cold conditions. In fact, this material cures in temperatures as low as 32° F – and exhibits almost no odor. FloroSpartic coatings provide very good chemical resistance to oil, grease and powerful detergents. They bond exceptionally well to concrete, and are quick drying, allowing many projects to be completed in one day. Comparable to High-Wear Urethane, FloroSpartic coatings have superior resistance to abrasion—only 15mg loss on the Taber test! Plus, any Florock Universal Colorant can be added to give this non-yellowing commercial floor covering a customized look.

FloroCryl Systems

FloroCryl Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) floors provide a satin to matte finish, are light-stable and can be installed in temperatures well below freezing, making them ideal for cold storage facilities. They have good chemical and wear resistance and possess the unique characteristic of being extremely convenient to recoat after just a thorough cleaning – no mechanical preparation is needed. Though all solvent-free MMAs exude a strong odor during their very brief cure time, air management by experienced installers handles this easily. FloroCryl can be installed as a decorative quartz, chip or solid colored floor in a matter of hours, even in very cold conditions.

Floropoxy 4900

When temperatures fall toward the low end of the spectrum, such as construction in unheated buildings, Floropoxy 4900 can be an ideal mid- or topcoat solution. This epoxy system cures in 40 percent less time than Floropoxy 4805, while still providing very good non-ambering characteristics. Floropoxy 4900 is an excellent solution for cold temperature work. It can be applied as a clear or with the addition of Florock 100% Solids Colorant.

FloroCrete Systems

When cooler floors are also continuously moist, such as in meat, poultry and seafood processing facilities, experienced installers turn to FloroCrete Cementitious Urethane. Extremely moisture-tolerant, as well as highly acid, alkali and thermal-shock resistant, this high performance flooring can be used as a stand-alone system or as an underlayment beneath other Florock systems. With the ability to provide a tenacious bond even in cooler, moist to wet conditions, FloroCrete is an important asset to any flooring installer’s toolkit.

Other Florock cold temperature curing systems are also available. Your local Florock technical representative can advise on the best system for your unique facility. Based on preferences and site conditions, Florock has the right high performance epoxy or other resinous flooring product for nearly every industry.

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