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Florock® Purchases New Facility to Support Company Growth

Concrete Floor Coatings by Florock Polymer Flooring

Concrete Floor Coatings by Florock Polymer Flooring

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — Florock® Polymer Flooring, manufactured by Crawford Laboratories, Inc. of Chicago, this month purchased a new 89,000 square foot facility to support the increased domestic and international demand for its concrete floor coating products in commercial, industrial and institutional markets. The new building, which like the company’s current headquarters, is situated in the historic Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago, will more than double the company’s manufacturing and warehousing capacity, as well as provide expanded state-of-the-art R&D and QC laboratories and much needed office space.

Founded in 1952 by chemical engineer Benjamin A. Schmetterer, today’s Florock is one of the most complete lines of fluid-applied, seamless flooring solutions on the market. The decorative high performance flooring line includes increasingly popular offerings based on cutting-edge polymer technology, such as the FloroProof  Moisture Vapor Mitigation System, which effectively solves an otherwise costly problem faced by many facilities with slab-on-grade concrete. Since its humble beginnings, the company has certainly enjoyed its share of success. However, under the leadership of Benjamin’s son David Schmetterer, despite The Great Recession and amid enormous tumult within the paint and coatings industry, Florock has managed to flourish.

How did the company manage to thrive, when so many others struggled or even closed their doors?  “We have a highly motivated team,” answers Schmetterer. “Everyone really cares about doing a first-rate job – from our experienced department managers and support staff  to some of the best flooring technical reps in the business and, of course, my daughter and Vice President, Aviva Llorens. We all focus on the customer and try to really hear what they have to say. That means responding to customers’ needs, exceeding expectations, taking immediate action if something isn’t right. . .  It’s not complicated. Like any successful business, we have to earn our customers’ trust every single day with consistent quality products and knowledgeable service that goes the extra mile. It’s a lot of hard work, but as you can see, it pays off.”

With such success, why stay in the older Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago, rather than move to a suburban industrial park like many other manufacturers?  “In 2001, we experienced growing beyond our original Emerald Street location and transferring our offices and warehouse to a separate facility down the street. So, we know how much effort something like that takes,” says Schmetterer. “Having our new headquarters situated just down the street from the old will make moving that much easier and less disruptive. But, the more important reason we’re staying is our employees. The majority of our people live in and around this neighborhood. Many of them take public transportation to get here and some even walk to work. We rely on them — their skill, experience and work ethic — to keep the company running smoothly. And they rely on Florock – sometimes even multiple generations from the same family – for their livelihoods. It wouldn’t be fair to reward their loyalty by moving far away. So, keeping Florock headquarters in the Bridgeport community was a top priority.”

Experienced Florock Representatives are available throughout the U.S, Mexico and the U.K. Call 1-800-FLOROCK (1-800-356-7625) to find one near you.

ABOUT FLOROCK®, MANUFACTURED IN THE U.S.A. BY CRAWFORD LABORATORIES, INC. — Serving facilities nationwide, Crawford Laboratories, Inc., is a respected leader in the manufacture, research and development, and installation of solutions-oriented concrete floor coatings and toppings. Independently owned for over 60 years, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA, with stocking locations in California and the United Kingdom, Crawford Laboratories was founded on the principles of cutting-edge technology, innovation and impeccable integrity. Please visit our website to learn more.


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