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USDA-Compliant Floor Coatings: What Facilities Need to Know


USDA-Compliant Florock FloroCrete Flooring Installation


For facilities that require USDA-approved flooring—facilities in the food and beverage production, as well as hospitality, industries—it can be important to keep certain things in mind when trying to find the most appropriate floor solution. In addition to following government standards for flooring, facilities benefit from surfaces that are easy to clean and can stand up to harsh sanitizing agents, as well as systems possessing anti-microbial protection, extreme durability and slip-resistance. USDA-compliant flooring, sometimes referred to as “food grade flooring”, is essential for restaurant dining areas, commercial kitchens, food processing plants, and beverage packaging/canning/bottling plants. Many different establishments use these types of flooring, or are required to, so it is essential to be informed about the different specifications that are called for in food-service facilities when installing a new floor or replacing an existing floor.

What Do USDA Requirements Call For?

USDA guidelines* state that floors (as well as walls and ceilings) be constructed from durable materials that are impervious to moisture, and be capable of withstanding regular cleaning and sanitizing without becoming compromised or degrading in quality. In order to meet USDA guidelines, flooring systems must be installed so that they are seamless and easily cleaned. Floor surfaces should be designed such that they offer little opportunity for bacteria or mold to settle and grow. Including integral floor-to-wall cove bases in flooring specifications can be extremely helpful in this regard. Additionally, if water flushing is used for sanitizing floors, then the floor must be graded to drain, have the ability to withstand disinfecting chemicals, very hot water and/or power washing.

Floor surfaces play a large role in helping to ensure that the facility is as safe and clean as possible and therefore deserve serious attention during product selection and installation. Without important safeguarding elements in place, dangerous pathogens have a greater chance of proliferating and compromising the health of staff, patrons and the general public.

Compliant Flooring Solutions from Florock

At Florock, all of our resinous floor coatings and systems meet USDA requirements for food production and preparation safety. Whether a facility needs floor solutions for a restaurant dining area or kitchen, packaging plant, or any other location that deals with food processing, facility managers will find what they need here. Florock’s flooring solutions are seamless and high performance, formulated to resist deterioration from ongoing exposure to fats, acids, oils and other food-processing by-products. Florock offers a variety of different products that are aesthetically pleasing and provide industrial-strength muscle and endurance. Additionally, Florock resinous floor coatings are available with thermal-shock resistance, moisture tolerance, exceptional acid, alkali and chemical resistance, and other essential properties. The FloroCrete family of cementitious urethane anti-microbial, USDA-compliant flooring is an industry leader for food and beverage processing and service applications.

Hygiene and food safety are critically important in food settings. When choosing a floor solution, select flooring that will not only help keep staff and customers safe, but that will also provide long-term durability and value when subjected to the harsh conditions and stringent requirements in food operations. Florock’s products meet every requirement set forth by the USDA while offering great-looking, highly customizable options to enhance facility design. Contact Florock today for more information about our resinous, food-grade/USDA-compliant flooring solutions.

* Sanitation Performance Standards Compliance Guide”, USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service.Contact Florock