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How Flooring Can Help a Facility Earn LEED Credits

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Beautiful Florock FloroWear 7100 Over Epoxy by JR Applications of WA.

When a facility manager, general contractor or architect has decided to work toward LEED certification, there are a number of different things that need to be taken into consideration in order to meet certain requirements. LEED, the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Program of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) focuses on the entire lifecycle of a building—not just how it is currently being built or designed, but also how it will adapt in the future and how the materials used for construction will age. Projects can earn points toward LEED certification at different stages of construction, in accordance with various rating systems in the program. If a facility is considering different types of flooring or floor systems that will help earn LEED credits on the project, working with Florock gives managers a distinct advantage.

What LEED Credits Can a Facility Earn?

When a facility works with Florock for its flooring needs, the organization can take advantage of such credits as Environmental Quality (EQ) 4.2, since all of Florock’s commercial and industrial flooring systems qualify as “low emitting materials,” with either zero V.O.C. or very low V.O.C. All of our floor systems are compliant with federal EPA and SCAQMD regulations, as well.

Additionally, LEED credits may be earned for Material and Resources, including but not limited to:

  • LR 1: Building Reuse—Florock’s resinous concrete resurfacers can frequently allow existing slabs to be reused, rather than destroyed and sent to material recyclers or landfills. In addition, our epoxy and other polymer flooring systems can occasionally be installed over older floor coverings, without requiring the existing floor to be torn up.
  • LR 2: Construction Waste Management—Florock offers a range of different packaging options that reduce waste, with most pails capable of being recycled and most kits capable of being broken up during orders to minimize box waste.
  • LR 4.1: Recycled Content—Florock’s beautiful Eco-Blend products, which are available for use in the FloroQuartz or FloroShop Systems, are comprised of 25-33% post-consumer, recycled glass aggregate.

Florock’s Dedication to Eco-Friendliness

Florock is dedicated to sustainability, and is proud to offer commercial flooring that can contribute towards earning LEED certification for a facility’s project. Florock’s floor systems are exceptionally long-lasting, which means far less frequent removal, replacement and disposal of floor surfaces, compared to many other commercial facility flooring options. Florock also focuses its eco-friendly efforts on recyclability of the materials and packaging used during production, and was one of the first industrial manufacturers to take advantage of metal drum recycling. Raw materials are purchased in decomposable, collapsible, or otherwise eco-friendly containers whenever possible, which helps minimize the company’s overall carbon footprint. When a construction professional is seeking LEED certification on an important project, it can be reassuring to learn of a chosen manufacturer’s overall commitment to the environment, in addition to earning those all-important LEED credits.

Working toward LEED certification can be a complicated undertaking. Choosing Florock flooring systems allows construction professionals to quickly earn credits that put them one step closer to their goal. Contact us today for more information.

*Individual state and local regulations can vary. Always check with local agencies.

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